Seen in Imperium Offtopicum IX
Played by christos200
Turn 7–Turn 11


????istan (white), Turn 8, before its slow and painful death
Capital Not specified
Government "Crowned Democracy", later military dictatorship
Head of State
 -  Turn 7 – Turn 9 None
 - Turn 9 – Turn 10 King Francis II
 - Turn 10 – Turn 11 George Papandreou
Prime Minister
 - Turn 9 – Turn 10 Evagelos Venizelos
Historical era Imperium Offtopicum IX
 -  Established Turn 7
 -  Defeated Turn 11
Today part of Downfall Gang
Socialist Union of Democratic States
New Kinichikia
Republic of Coruscant

????istan, later known as Austria, was christos200's second attempt at a country shortly after the defeat of Spain. In another instance of Taniciusfox trolling his players, the country was white territory in Austria-Hungary, while in christos' stats ????istan was a yellow gradient not seen on the map. The ruse worked for all of one turn, after which christos' claims in China confirmed ????istan was Austria.

????istan was infamous for its ridiculous and anarchic political environment, with multiple competing factions initially vying for control of the country. christos turned the civil war into a raffle, which Fegelein criticized as a thinly-veiled attempt to garnish roleplay points in preparation for an invasion. Looking to nip the weed in the bud, a coalition of neighbour states mounted a joint invasion on Turn 8 that resulted in Austria's defeat three turns later.

Imperial Austria: Fall of an EmpireEdit

Before 160 years Austria was united under Emperor Francis I, who started an economic plan and reformed Austria into an Empire. Until then Austria was a republic. However, after a military coup, Monarchy was restored and Francis took the throne of Austria. His plans made Austria from a mixed economy to a capitalist economy. He expanded Austria with many wars. However after 10 years of rule, he was overthrown by King Talimamamamaka. He ruled 50 years, but he was assasinated by a communist. Then the four viceroys of Austria declared themselves Kings and started a civil war, while almost every citizen declared himself King. Then some governors found the chance to creat indepedent countries and civil war broke and the 1,000 royal tigers escaped and ate all diplomats. Then for 100 years Austria was forgoten and was renamed to ???istan.

???istan: A short list of the factionsEdit

A few factions claim that they are the legal government of ????istan:


1) Demoratic Republic of ????istan

Communists who claim to be the legal government.

2) Dictatorship of ????istan

Neo-Nazi facist dictatorship.

3) Tribal Kingdoms

small kingdoms that claimt to control ???istan.

4) Islamic Republic of ???istan

Islamic theocracy.

5) Kingdom of ???istan

Because almsot every citizen declared himself king after the death of King Talimamamamaka, no one knows who is the real king and how much of ???Istan the kingdom controls.

The King of Sidistan ( a tribal kingdom of ???istan), Francis II, invaded the Socialist Republic of ??istan. The Red Army defended for hour, but fell and the Republic was taken over.

However general Lenistan declared resistance against the invader. But Francis II wasnt fool. He set up a trap for the general, and managed to assasinate him, destroying any resistance.

War of the DemonsEdit

The King of Sidistan ( a tribal kingdom in ???istan), Francis II, had invaded the Federation of the Seven Demons. The Knights of Austria have joined Francis II, who wanted to unite all of ???istan into a united Austria. Francis II had an army of 10,000 soldiers, while the Seven Demons an army of 30,000 soldiers. So the great battle begun. The main force of the Demons were the Austrian Zombies, and peasants foot soldiers.

Francis II army was based on heavy cavalary and special trained foot soldiers. So the Sidistan cavalary moved against the Zombies. The Zombies at first put heavy resistance, but then they were wiped out. Then the foot soldiers of both side fought each other. Francis II won the battle. The federation of the Seven Demons was annexed and given as a feud to the Knights of Austria.

Now Francis II controled 1/10 of ???istan. He had to face a lot of enemies in order to unite Austria. He had to face the Red Army and the Neo Nazi. He had to face tribal kingdoms and knights. This war had just started.

Rule of Xianjong: The Chinese WarEdit

Xianjong, grandson of one of the four viceroys, managed to unite a lot of tribal kingdoms and created a huge Empire. He managed to have control of 4/10 of Austria. Xianjong decided to expand in China, although the Republic, a country based on Japan, had interests in the area. The Republic asked Xianjong, who was recognized then as ruler of ???istan internationaly, to give up China. He refused to ive up China. So the Republic invaded China. Although the brave army of ???istan fought until the last man and managed to win several battles, almost 2/3 of China fell to the invaders. Meanwhile France declared war on ????istan. Xianjong, saw his dreams of a new Austrian Enpire collapsing. Russia however, fearing a French dominated Europe, send a peace proposal, The Archangelsk Proposal:

1: All hostilites between France, New Kinichikia, Coruscant and ???istan will cease.
2: Any land conquered by New Kinichikia will be returned, in excange for 20RP from ???istan
3: North Italy will go to France.
4: ???istan will give up all claims to China. Any land it may own there will be given to Coruscant (for free)
5: ???istan will pay 20RP to New Kinichikia and Coruscant over a period of 5 turns.
6: A NAP will be enforced between the combatents for 10 turns, allowing ???istan time to recover and choose a better course for its nation.
7: If ???istan follows this treaty, on turn 6, we will send a 20RP aid package to ???istan for good behavior and another 30RP on the 9th turn.

Xianjong accepted the peace. However that was his final mistake. Hatred for foreigners, promise of an empire and a united Austria, helped a general to become President of a small Neo-Nazi Dictatorship. The general's name was Papadopoulos.

Rise of PapadopoulosEdit

The Neo Nazi Republic of ???istan, once the greater power in Austria, was reduced to a puppet state of Xianjong's Empire. However a young General named Papadopoulos managed to become President, thanks to a coup. The new President set up camps where foreigners were exterminated, while he re-organized the army. After a few months Papadopoulos declared that the Neo Nazi republic was no longer a puppet state of Xianjong. Xianjong created an alliance with all states of Austria, except Sidistan, to stop Papadopoulos.

Papadopulos, in one aggresive move, took over all of Austria, except the kingdom of Francis II. Francis II knew that if Papadopoulos united all of Austria, then he would move against him. So Francis II, with the Holy Army, an army of 10,000 Austrian Patriots who wanted to unite Austria, moved against Papadopulos.

Meanwhile Papadopoulos, trying to make alliance with the fedual lords of the lands he had taken over, because even if those lands were occupied,the fedual lords still had power and if Papadopoulos executed them, the people would revolt, declared the Federal Neo Nazi Republic of ???istan and declared Austria to be a thing of the past.

Unification of AustriaEdit

Although Papadopoulos managed to gain allies in the fedual class, since the Fedual Lords didnt wanted a united Austria but a dvided ???istan, he upset the Austrian Patriots.

So Francis II started a revolution in North Austria, and at the same time his armies of 10,000 men faced Papadopoulos huge 1,500,000 men army.

The entire Holy Army was wiped out. Only the King survived. However their fall started a national myth. Their sacrifice born a new Austrian nationalism. One forgoten since the times of the Great King Francis I.

King Francis escaped into Vienna, capital of the Vienna Province of the Neo Nazi federation. Although Papadopoulos gave orders to the local governor to execute the King, he refused because he was afraid of a revolution.

Soon the federation collapsed and civil war broke out between Neo Nazi and Patriots. It was a heroic time. Patriots wrote poems about Austria and Nationalism. The Fedual Lords, knowing that all of them would be executed if Papadopulos lost and also knowing that the dictator cant win, decided to side with the King.

King Francis II managed to take over all of ???istan. For 100 years this land had been ravaged from civil war. It had kings, Neo Nazi dictators and Communists. But now it was united.

So King Francis II, ruler of all of ???istan, Declared the Empire of Austria. Austria was once again united.

The First Years of the Austrian Empire: Political CrisisEdit

The King decided to start new elections, so the new Parliament will represent all of Austria.

Here is a list of the parties of Austria:

People's National Democratic Party (PNDP):

Party Ideology: Supports Capitalism, Nationalist Party.

Democratic Left (DL):

Party Ideology: Mixed Economy, internationalism.

New Democracy (ND):

Party Ideology: Capitalist Economy, Internationalism.

Communist Party of Austria (CPA):

Party Ideology: Communist economy, nationalism.


PNDP: 26%

DL: 24%

ND: 22%

CPA: 21%

White Vote (No Vote): 7%

The polls show that no party can make a stable government, because no party will have the Majority in the Senate. Some fear that there will be second elections. The King calls the political powers to create a coalitional government, in the event of the Polls becoming true. That could lead to a political crisis and anarhcy.


The First Prime Minister of a United AustriaEdit

Elections Results:

PNDP: 26%

DL: 30%

ND: 22%

CPA: 21%

White Vote (No Vote): 1%

With 30% of the votes, and thanks to the law that says that the first party gets 50 extra seats in the senate, there is a stable government under the Democratic Left.

Most people who voted the DL, before the polls they would vote for no one (white vote). However after the fears of a political crisis, the people who where going to vote a white vote, changed their minds and voted the DL.

So Mr. Evagelos Venizelos is the first Prime Minister of a united Austria.

Statement of Venizelos: The << Recovery >> ProgramEdit

After being elected as Prime Minister of Austria, Venizelos made a statement:

<< Austria shall recover from the War. It is our duty to make sure that Austria will recover. So we will start a program to make Austria a strong Mixed Market economy. First of all the state will buy all Farms and Lands, and it will divide them and give hem to the farmers and the unemployed people, who are many thanks this the war. Second, we shall support businessmen who want to create factories in Austria. Also we shall spend money to make our industry strong. Not only that, but we shall start a space program and create satellites in space. It is our duty to make Austria a superpower once again. I hope that the King will share my opinion, that my program will make Austria strong! >>

Austrian Farming ReformEdit

More than 9 million people have taken farms, thaks to the policy of Mr. Venizelos. After the senate passed the bill, Mr. Venizelos bought the land and then divided between farmers. Unemployment has gone from 17% to 3%. Also Austria has now became a massive farming economy. Also with a new tax, all Farmers must give 3/5 of their products to the state. Then the state sells 1/2 of them for low price to the citizens and sells the other 1/2 in the international markets. The economy is recovering very fast from the war and Austria now wants to compete France in the Farming Market, selling its products 2 times cheaper than the French ones. Mr. Venizelos believes that Austria will soon become a huge economical power.

Farming DisputeEdit

The competion between France and Austria in the Farming Market led to a diplomatic dispute. Here is France's answear to the economic policy of Venizelos:

{C}To Mr. Venizelos

I have heard that your are trying to... cheapen your goods. I am concerned that the wages of your workers must be low for such a capitalist goal you have as to try to sell your goods in a cheapness contest against those with ethical work payments. It is then the interest of the S.U.D.S to consider sanctions unless you demonstrate that you are paying your workers proper wages. I suggest you raise your prices on your goods to meet our farm produce prices. I also suggest you alter your taxes. The citizens of the S.U.D.S pay around 18% of their total income in tax to the state, allowing them to contribute and for that they have the ability to be pleased. Just some suggestions on how to run a proper democracy.

Via la revolution.

Grand Premier Abel Roux

Austria replied: We shall see who will win in the Farming Market Economy.

All Farming Products of Austria shall be selled in price 30% cheaper than the French ones.{C}{C}

Austria replied:

That is an internal policy of Austria, Mr. Roux. You wont tell us how to run a democracy. Our workers wages are very good. By doing the reforms you ask, Austria will loss money to France. Our goal is to become the top farming economy. We shall not accept you to treat Austria like it is your colony. And you wont tell us how much taxes our citizens will pay.

We hope that you understand taht in the international market each country tries to be at the top. I have heard sactions because of the political situation of a country or because of its foreign policy. But i have never heard sactions because of the economic policy of a nation. We are not in an economic union, so we have our own economic system. If you dont allow states to have their own economic system, then you are not a real democracy.

France replied:

To Evagelos Venizelos, the elected dictator of Austria.

You aim to be top? That is... capitalist! You claim to be left wing let have a capitalist aim? Such is a notion that you are a chaplain socialist: a socialist in name only! I was against the peace deal but you are lucky that the Grand Premier and the other premiers seem to want peace. That said: you cannot be a real democracy without being socialist. To be socialist I suggest you keep the prices the same as France or face a boycott of your goods.

Via la revolution!

Susan Rojo, Premier of the Democracy of Aragon.

Austria answeared:

Actually Mr. Rojo, the capitalists have a real democracy. Look at PRC, USSR and North Korea and then see USA, France, Germany, England, Canada, South Korea and all other countries. We have a mixed market.

Also you dont know what democracy means. Democracy comes from the ancient greek word Demos (people) and kratos ( power). It means power to the people.

Democracy is the type of government where the people elect their ruler. It has nothing to do with capitalism and socialism. Those two are economic systems.

France replied:

To the arrogant Austrians

I read your response to Rojo! You think we are dumb?! We know what democracy means! I also like to tell you this: USA a democracy? Was it democratic to third world nations? The wealth gap? The cases of rich men getting away with racist murders? Plus the USSR was not socialist: it was a state capitalist power. China was more capitalist then even America.

By the way I will be suggesting to New Kinichia that you should not be supported for your arrogance. We do not need more tensions between the G.A.S and P.E.A.C.E. You are a source of tension. And I do not think the Downfall Gang like either socialism or capitalism, so a mixed economy may not be good to them.

May your grow out of your arrogance!

Premier Luigi Cori of the Socialist Italian Republic

Austria replied:

USSR state capitalist? You need to learn history guys. All Communist- socialist states were one party dictatorships.

And USA was a real democracy. Democracy means that the people elect their leader. It doesnt mean that everyone should have equal money.

Also, do you know why socialism fails? Because it wants all people equal. It wants a hard working man to have the same money with a lazy guy that cant move away from his TV. It doesnt let people to succed. Everything is controled by the state. And all are equal, but have a low income. Other is everyone having 400$ and other thing is some people have 500$, some 100$ and some others have 10,000$

Capitalism is the system where only the hard working live a good life, and the lazy fail. Do you know how mny poor people became rich and how many rich became poor? Too many to count. If you work hard, then you succed. If you dont work had, then you fail.

That's why capitalism will always win socialism.:

France replied:

Karl Marx wrote of a capitalist system which used a form of slavery. This system was that of Stalin’s rule. The USA was not a democracy. People elect what they are told to do by two parties that share the same ideological conservatism.

Any rate... consider this the moment the S.U.D.S denounces Austria.

Austria replied:

The people voted what they believed.

And we dont care if you denounce us. Our prices will remain low and everyone will prefer Austria farming products.

France replied:

To those who claim to rule Austria

I observe your comments. Vote equals democracy? Really? For the two choices that lead to the similar income? Muhahah! That is a good joke! If it were a democracy then why did the USA use torture? Why had it taken long time to get through civil rights laws? I laugh at the idea of the USA being called the land of the free.

And do not think your goods will outsell French wine. Heck you got to deal with also Italy, Aragon, the Cape Republic and Hainan for agriculture. Keep this in notion that your state is... trying to compare itself to one of the strongest powers on the planet. Via prominence we are the second most powerful. Our democracy is true for it allows people to vote for what they want as oppose to what the media and fear makers tells them to.

May you learn the true facts of the revolution.

Premier Lisa Tolbert of the French Commune.

Austria replied: {C}We shall see who will win in the Farming Market Economy.

All Farming Products of Austria shall be selled in price 30% cheaper than the French ones.

Austrian Space programEdit


Austria, just 2 weeks after the elections, managed to launch a satellite and a space missile. The Austria Space Base managed to create those satellites, in order to make sure that Austria can compete France in a Space Race. The satellite is military, while the missile will hit mars, in 7 years, so Austria can test the power and destruction of the missile and at the same time make sure that no man is harmed by the explosion.

Also Austria has started to develop military droids named << Gundams>>. They are on test level right now, but in 12 years they will be fully active and Austria will begin mass producation.


Interview of Venizelos: The Cold WarEdit

A few days later, Mr. Venizelos was interviewed in the Austrian TV Channel << STAR >>.

Nick: Today we are very happy, because we will interview our Prime Minister, Mr. Venizelos. Hello Mr. Venizelos.

Venizelos: Hello Nick.

Nick: First question. Under your leadershp, Austria tries to compete France in any way possible. Why?

Venizelos: Mr. Nick, we are at war with France. Not a military one, no. We are at an economic war, a space war, a cultural war. We shall win the space race, we shall become the top economic power and we shall make Vienna cultural capital of the earth. We shall win this war.

Nick: What about your << Recovery >> program?

Venizelos: Our program will make Austria the superpower of the world. While other powers spend their RP's in order to expand, we shall bank our RP's. With those RP's we shall make Austria an economic superpower.

Nick: The Farm Refoms were a success. Unemployment went from 17% to 3%. Why France asked you to stop the reforms?

Venizelos: They try to make Austria their colony. I wont lie to the Austria people. The negotiations were hard. However we shall make sure that the French Imperialists shall not get the pleasure to see Austria bow to them. Our Farming products shall become the top products.

Nick: The polls show that in the next elections 54% of the people will vote for you. That will make you an elected dictator and give you control of 2/3 of the senate.

Venizelos: I will like to thank all people who support me. In the next elections i shall reform even more Austria.

The Creation of Five New Austrian CitiesEdit

In order to solve the problem of overpopulation, and at the same time, show Austria's power and economical wealth, Mr. Venizelos decided to start the construction of five new cities, that will be completed in 8 years. Mr. Venizelos hopes that this will increase the quality of life, since there will be no overpopulation in the cities, and at the same time it will create new positions for employment and make Austria the economic center of europe.

The new cities will have huge buildings and cultural museums, where the arts and paintings of Austria will be shown to the tourists. Mr. Venizelos also hopes that this new cities will increase tourism in Austria, since they will have huge markets and rare objects and also some of the best clothes shops and restaurants in all of Europe.

The opposition parties and mainly the Communist Party criticize Venizelos and support that the creation of the cities is part of this economic-cultural cold war between France and Austria, although polls show that 70% of the citizens support Venizelos policies.


Surrender of VeniceEdit

After hard negotiations of the government of France, and after France refuse the 180 RP's of Austria, Venizelos officialy informed the King and the people about the Surrender of Venice. The people were very negative and some throw some yogurts on Venizelos, calling him traitor.

From now on, Venice, the jewel of Austria, the second capital of the empire, the cultural capital of Austria, is part of France.

Meanwhile Metaxas calls illegal the Surrender of
Venice and says that Venizelos has no right to decide about Venice without elections. So he calls for elections. Also he stated that << We need to go at war with France to protect our national pride. It is time to fight those French bastards. The people support me.>>

Many people meanwhile call for war with France and ask Venizelos to refuse the demands of France.

Bloody riots break out in all of Austria. The Rioters ask their government to not give up Venice to France, and started to burn down buildings. Venizelos at first send the police, but when 7 policemen died, he ordered the tanks to go at the streets and restore order. Right now 120 people are dead. Venizelos is criticized, but Venizelos defends himself by saying that his actions will secure peace wiht France, even if it means that Austrians must die.


Venizelos called the cabinet into a special meeting, and tries to stabilize the government. Venizelos tells the Ministers that now Austria must have unity to survive. However two of the government Ministers attacked Venizelos and called him a traitor.

Meanwhile Nationalist tried to kill the King with a pistol. When the crazy man attacked, he shouted "For Venice!!!!!!!!. However the man was shot down before he could fire at the King. Some say that the King will refuse to accept Venizelos order.

At the same time, there is unofficial information that Commander George may try a coup and declare war on France. The King tried to remove him from office, but the army revolted and made the King to back down.

German Invasion: Coalitional GovernmentEdit

However the real threat was Germany. Austria was attacked by Germany. Germany managed to take over a lot of regions, although they were stoped by the heroic resistance of the Austrian Army. Meanwhile the government and the King fled to Austrian South Italy, and made it their base to organize resistance against the invaders. From South Italy ( an area claimed by Austrian nationalists, along with the rest of Italy, and just taken over ) the government organized the Austrian Army and stopped the German assault.

Also the DL and ND parties agreed to form a coalition, with Venizelos as Prime Minister and Samaras as Vice-President. Mr. Papakostantinou became Finacial Minister, Commander George became Minister of National Defense and Mr. Papoulias became Foreign Minister.


Also, Austria, in order to make the public to volunteer the army and at the same time to show that Hitler can be defeated, posted the following posters on every street of Austria:



The Socialist RevolutionEdit

Soon after the creation of the coalitional government, Nazi Germany was helped by SUDS and the Republic.
Austria decided to arrest all SUDS citizens. This move caused international isolation of Austria.

Seeing the idiocity of the Austrian government, and also seeing that the elected politicians of Austria are just plain stupid, Commander Goerge Papandreou decided to make a coup against the Royal government. After the success of the coup, he delcared the Union of Austrian Socialists Republics, also known as the Socialist Union. He then forced the King into exile, executed members of the parliament and ordered the troops to free the SUDS citizens from prison.

The Socialist Union declared:

1) The fall of the imperial Austria.

2) The creation of a federal socialist union.

3) End of the German War.

4) Pact of friendship with SUDS ( OB+NAP).

5) Movement of the Capital from Vienna to Naples.

However SUDS, Russia and the rest of the world decided to put an end to Papandreou's rule and send their armies to conquer and divide Austria. George proclaimed a War for the Fatherland and tried to defend against the enemy coalition.

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