The Alaskan Conference was a diplomatic meeting hosted by the Federation of Alaskan States in the fall of 2222 between the Soviet Union and its rebel opposition. It was the final attempt by christos200 to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the civil war. The conference ended in failure as both sides refused to compromise, and the rebel victory in the ensuing Operation Storm led the government to surrender the following year.

Background and positionsEdit

The Soviet government had made previous peace offers, but these were little more than ultimatums demanding compliance for no concession. With the initial rebellion proving defiant on the battlefield, the opposition pushed for a two-plus state solution which the government refused to consider. By the fall of 2222, rebel field victories and defections by government forces put the opposing armies on equal footing, and increasing international scrutiny combined with a deteriorating economic situation finally convinced the Soviets to approach the bargaining table.

The government's opening proposal, delivered by Prime Minister Aleka, called for UN-monitored elections to determine the fate of the country.

The SDF's platform, delivered by Vasily Chuikov, reiterated the opposition's multi-state plan, calling for an immediate cease-fire, the resignation of Nikita, Leonid, and their inner circle, a UN investigation into war crimes during the conflict, and a UN-enforced demilitarized zone for three years.

The government immediately took to the defensive, rejecting "all parts" of the opposition's proposal, claiming they were attempting to circumvent a democratic solution. Chuikov retorted that by continuing to reject a mutual cease-fire, its commitment to any true peace plan was a façade and that it would move to quash the opposition at the first opportunity. Pressing the SDF's economic and international advantage, he argued that the Soviet government could only be taken seriously if the Soviet Duo and their cronies were removed from office. christos' final reply was that the war would continue, and the conference was unceremoniously ended.

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