Albert Speer
Speer as portrayed by Heino Ferch
Species Human
Gender Male
Address Führerbunker
Nationality German

Albert Speer (born Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer) was a German architect who was, for a part of World War II, Minister of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich. Speer was Adolf Hitler's chief architect before assuming ministerial office. As "the Nazi who said sorry", he accepted responsibility at the Nuremberg trials and in his memoirs for crimes of the Nazi regime. His level of involvement in the persecution of the Jews and his level of knowledge of the Holocaust remain matters of dispute.

Alongside Keitel and Weidling, Speer is one of the more sensible men in the Bunker, routinely playing sober second thought to Hitler himself. As revealed in the National Socialism Q&A thread, Speer routinely provides audiobooks for Hitler during road trips. His forum handle is Albert Speer.

In Multipolarity II, Speer plays Andhra Pradesh.