Andreas I Laskaris
Emperor Andreas
Portrait of Emperor Andreas by Ettore Donati
Title Emperor of Rome
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth ca. 2074
Date of death Winter 2105
Nationality Roman

Andreas I Laskaris was Emperor of Rome in Imperium Offtopicum XIV, serving from game's start until his death in 2106. Crowned at the age of 30, he was politically inexperienced and averse to argumentation, and while vested with absolute power relied heavily on government advisors in developing state policy. Characterized as "mellow" and slow to anger, he was nonetheless impulsive, and Roman foreign policy suffered frequent backtracks after new information forced him to re-evaluate his decisions.

Laskaris enjoyed high domestic approval during his reign for his efforts to establish Rome as a world power. He is rumoured to have personally designed and financed the RWS Constantinople. He attempted to foster positive relations with the Platonic Republic, whom he described as "cultural brothers", although the glory-seeking of both countries repeatedly led to loggerheads and nearly spiralled into all-out war in 2104.

Outside Rome, he was lambasted for political indecisiveness and adherence to an outdated paradigm of leadership for personal glory. After withdrawing Rome from UNVIFOR over what he considered to be lack of willpower in confronting Japan, he collaborated with the Platonic government as part of an independent campaign in the Vietnam War. The resulting Operation Devil-Fish, an ambitious amphibious assault on Japanese-held Taiwan in the winter of 2105, involved nearly the entire armed forces of both countries. Laskaris assumed direct, front-line command of the Roman military, and after the attempted assassination of General Toto, control of the mission entire defaulted to him. The offensive was a complete disaster and Laskaris was killed during the first landing.

The Emperor's death plunged Rome into a domestic crisis as the country was rendered leaderless, resulting in the secession of periphery territories later that year in a bid to relieve the fragmented state bureaucracy. International criticism of Laskaris' legacy mushroomed, with Operation Devil-Fish commonly ridiculed as a demonstration of how out-of-touch the Emperor was with the modern world, and even in Rome his reputation was re-evaluated.

He was succeeded by the impromptu promotion of General Theodoros Komnenos to Emperor in 2106.

Later appearancesEdit

Laskaris has since become Mathalamus' goto leader in subsequent games, similar to Matthew Barabas. He has appeared in KaiserIOT, Electric Nukealoo, IOT XIX, Roll II Rule, and IOT XXII.

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