Angolan Campaign
Part of the Partitionanian War
Occurred in Multipolarity II
Date 3015–3016
Location Angola
Result Soviet navy routed; formation of the Black Steel Brigade and start of African intervention in the Finnish theatre
Blank Soviet Union Blank Angola
1 division
1 fleet
Casualties and losses
1 division 1 division
5000 civilians

The Soviet invasion of Angola was a minor incident in the Partitionanian War. Responding to continued Angolan aid to the besieged Finno-Poles, the Soviet Union launched an amphibious assault against the Angolan homeland in 3015. The campaign was widely regarded as a suicide mission; the invasion force, consisting of a single division, was promptly slaughtered on arrival, but the sole Russian fleet was somehow able to blockade the entire country until the Angolan navy reconstituted itself the following turn.

The Russian incursion galvanized Angola into more direct support to Partitionania, and in late 3016 it dispatched an expeditionary force to the north of Finland, catching the Soviets off-guard and liberating large swaths of territory. The epilogue further expounds upon the repercussions of the salient, as the other major African powers and their clients organized into a coalition in defence of Angola, deploying a support expedition to Finland dubbed the Black Steel Brigade that would play a prominent role in the Finno-Polish campaign.

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