The Cosmopolitan Republic of Belarus, also known as Belarus and Philanthropy, was a state in Multipolarity II. Nestled between Partitionania, Prussia and the Soviet Union, Belarus was in a troubled hotspot in the world, though this was revealed to be intentional.

The state was effectively under the control of the megacorporation Philanthropy, though the head of state was one Rainbow Blitz. Despite the fact it was ruled by a pony, Red Spy didn't to notice or care.

Belarus was very vocal for one of the corporate states, actively compiling reports in the UN and trying to assist peace processes, such as in the Polish-Soviet War.

The nation, as a major NPC, was played by TaniciusFox.


The region of Belarus was once wartorn and horrifically irradiated. This was until the spontaneous arrival of the sapient equines, who many assumed were of Demon origin, though they preferred the term "Angel" due to being led by a pegasus. Many worshipped the new arrivals as Gods in Aztec fashion, bringing peace to Belarus.

The equines learned the basics of sentient society. Though they did not walk on two legs, they were perfectly capable of reason and speech, and showed this this by establishing one of the world's foremost corporations through the sale of the "Mr. Toots" toyline. However, the amount of carnage that the toy line caused resulted in the wealth being used to benefit sentient beings akin to the Nobel Prize.

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