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Unit sprites
Country United States
Allegiance FUCIN Flag Namibia
Type Paramilitary and militia
Role Guerrilla warfare
Light infantry
Size 12 000–24 000
Engagements Second Civil War
King George v. the World
Third Civil War

The Bluecapes are American paramilitary and militia auxiliaries loyal to Feminist Namibia in Roll II Rule. Formed during Roll to Dodge: Ludicrous Edition when Omega124 instigated an uprising against Donald Trump, the Bluecapes served as Omega's chief army in America prior to reinforcements from Namibia. In reward for Omega's performance in R2D, the Bluecapes were expanded into a territorial garrison of six brigades complemented by modest air and artillery support.

The name "Bluecape" derives from the unit's original composition of disgruntled blue-collar workers, and its signature blue-cape uniform, based on Omega's battle dress (Lucina's outfit in Fire Emblem: Awakening).


The following is a list of active brigades and their home cities at the start of the game:

  • 1st Mechanized Brigade—Pittsburgh, PA. This represents the original NPC that appeared in R2D.
  • 2nd Brigade—New York City, NY
  • 3rd Brigade—Boston, MA
  • 4th Militia Brigade—Albany, NY
  • 5th Militia Brigade—Buffalo, NY
  • 6th Brigade—Columbus, OH

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