Chinese Front
Part of the Pacific War
Occurred in Imperium Offtopicum XIV
Date Fall 2105 - January 2107
Location Eastern China
Result Liberation of China
Japanese decisive defeat
Flag of the People's Republic of Sichuan Sichuan
Blank Gangam
Flag of Japan Japan
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the People's Republic of Sichuan Unknown Flag of Japan Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Chinese Front was one of the two major fronts of the Pacific War. Shortly after the July 18 attack which began the Vietnam War, Gangam declared war on Japan. Soon after, the People's Republic of Sichuan delivered the Zhengzhou Ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of Japanese forces from China, the rejection of which led Sichuan to declare war. In winter of 2105, the Japanese army went on the offensive. Its superior army was able to defeat the Chinese armed forces in many of the pitched battles and managed to advance into Sichuan territory. However, Gangam managed to secure Tianjin from Japanese forces.

In the spring of 2106, the situation reversed. Thanks to the tactical ingenuity of the Chinese commanders and help from Gangam, Sichuan was able to stop the Japanese advance despite the overwhelming forces arrayed against them. The Chinese even managed to make gains in the South. However, an attack against Taiwan failed miserably, gaining Taiwan the reputation of a impregnable fortress. The defeats in China prompted the Japanese army to withdraw from Vietnam to reinforce the Chinese front, allowing the UN to liberate a destroyed Hanoi.

In summer, the Japanese army prepared for another offensive. This time it deployed its newly created heavy tanks, including the 1,000-tonnes 'Takeshi Ruchang Tank'. The Japanese army invaded Sichuan territory only to find out that the major cities had been evacuated and turned into fortresses. Thus the Japanese advance was stopped on its tracks. The focus of the Japanese army on mainland China had left Hainan defenseless, allowing the Chinese to liberate it. The poison food crisis caused by the Indonesian Republic led to the collapse of the Japanese Empire and the complete withdrawal of Japanese forces from China.

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