Christos Xinjiang
Hu JintaoChristos Xinjiang
Title Leader of the Communist Party
Gender Male
Date of birth 2123
Age 57
Occupation Politician
Faction Communist
Nationality Chinese

Christos Xinjiang was christos200's initial self-insert character in Multipolarity, who served as the premier of the People's Republic of Xinjiang from circa 2150 to the fall of the Communist Party in 2159.

Despite widely-held international allegations of war crimes, the succeeding government issued him nothing more than a fine and he continued to participate politically as leader of the Communist Party, later holding various portfolios under the monarchy.

Christos was one of the members of the "China Six", and the subject of particular detest by the Scarlet Lancers, and the Red Lotus specifically. He was wanted for war crimes by INTERPOL. He was arrested in 2179.

Early YearsEdit

Christos Xinjiang was born in Beijing in 2123. He was Han Chinese. As Premier, he claimed to be a great revolutionary leader, jailed by the corrupt eastern autocrats for daring to advocate the proletarian welfare. In fact, he was incarcerated for hooliganism during his student years, moving to Xinjiang after his release where he joined the CPX as a junior commissar. The “People’s Army” guerrillas that supposedly liberated the highlands were little more than armed Party thugs that terrorized the rural regions, and Christos’ knack for brutality earned him commendation by military superiors and a fast-track into the Politburo.


As Premier, Christos' policy was characterized by violent suppression of dissent, oppressive taxation, and rabid anti-capitalism. Christos attracted widespread international condemnation for an unprovoked and bloody crackdown on a peaceful anti-government protest, leading to calls for economic sanctions by the Kingdom of Hawai'i and India. He responded by declaring war on Xinjiang's neighbors, and later, the 501st Legion. Reacting to both domestic state terror and Xinjiang's sudden international aggression, the Scarlet Lancers emerged on the world stage in 2153 with the goal of overthrowing Premier Christos and installing a democratic government. By 2158, growing international pressure and regular internal rebellions led Christos to reinstate open elections, resulting in a coalition government between the Democratic and National parties.

Later YearsEdit

The new government issued Christos nothing more than a fine after a trial and he continued to participate politically as leader of the Communist Party. He supported the government's anti-terror legislation. In 2161 China sponsored an insurrection in its Coalition ally the Demon Realm, swiftly followed with its own invasion. India responded immediately, ejecting China from the Coalition and launching a full-scale, but ultimately failed assault that was complicated by a nuclear strike on its urban centres. In 2162, the three parties formed a unity government that installed Christos as commander of the armed forces. Christos continued to serve under King George and later was a member of the Chinese Resistance Forces, still leading the Communist Party. After the restoration of Chinese monarchy, he led the Communist Party and was one the opposition leaders in Parliament. In 2179, he was arrested during Operation Shah Mat.

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