Dongfang Bubai
Justin Yuan1
Title Emperor of the Great Xiang
Gender Male
Occupation Emperor of China
Faction Xiang Dynasty
Nationality Chinese

Dongfang Bubai is the Emperor of the Chinese Xiang Dynasty in Scarlet King's Rebuild of Revolution IOT. In 1796, the White Lotus Society, a secret patriotic Han Chinese society, started a revolt in Guangzhou against the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Led by Li Hongzhi and Cao Qingxu, the rebel armies captured by 1800 all of Southern China.

Taking advantage of the collapse of the Qing Empire, Guo Jing, a Han Chinese Qing military officer in Northern China, rebelled against his government and in July 1800 he captured Beijing, pushing the Manchus back to Manchuria. He then declared himself Emperor of the newly established Xiang Dynasty and took the dynastic title Dongfang Bubai, which translates as "Undefeated East". In 1802, Dongfang Bubai invaded White Lotus held Southern China and by 1805, all of China had been unified under the Xiang Dynasty.

For the next few decades, Dongfang Bubai established his rule all over the country and crushed rebellions. In 1836, he started an affair with the beautiful concubine Yang Ling and rewarded her brother, Yang Kang, with the office of Commander of the Imperial Army. The couple traveled extensively to Southern China in the next few years, but rumors that Dongfang Bubai planned to crown his lover Empress caused the reaction of the Confucians and the Aristocracy and the Emperor abandoned his plans.

Meanwhile, the Great Xiang Empire became quite stable the Dynasty's rule over China solidified. With China secure, the Emperor has now begun an effort to modernize the country, making a trade agreement with USA.

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