Dyki lyudy (Ukrainian: дикі люди; "wild people") are a mutant race appearing in Fallout IOT. Described as "animal in appearance, humanoid in physiology", they are essentially the game's counterpart to the Kaetif of The Aftermath. They were first documented in the lower Dnipro basin in 2112, the accidental product of Soviet experiments into the Forced Evolutionary Virus prior to the Great War. They provide the Standard-Bearers of the Revolution a unique military asset, but also pose a routine obstacle to diplomacy with human-centric nations.

Dyki lyudy were initially regarded with heavy suspicion, and outside of Ukraine became subject to progressively ruthless persecution. Within Ukraine, however, the emergence of a popular following devoted to the wolf god Polysoon greatly benefited their public image, and in some communities were the subject of reverence. Manpower shortages in 2123 led the Freedom Guard to begin recruiting them into the army, where they eventually constituted entire units (the Myslyvecy and Bombardiers). This was not without controversy, however, and the appointment of Yulia Nastunyeshyn as leader of the Guard in 2271 triggered a civil war over competing national visions between the cosmopolitan Ukrainians and mutant-wary Kazakhs.

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