Empire of Greece
Seen in Valkyrie
Played by christos200
1925 Greece.png
Government Republic
 -  President Pavlos Kountoriotis
 -  Prime Minister Panagiotis Tsaldaris
Currency Drahma
Religion Eastern Greek Orthodox Christianity

The Greek Empire is a nation in the Balkans in IOT Valkyrie. It is known for its aggressive foreign policy.

Declaration of RepublicEdit

Even though Greece was a constitutional monarchy some said the King holded too much power and that he should be deposed. Instability led to the revolution of Stylianos Gonatas. Stylianos Gonatas forced the King to go in exile and declared a Republic. Eleutherios Venizelos won the elections with his Liberal Party, and Pavlos Kountoriotis became President of the Republic.

The Phony WarEdit

The Phony War as its described by many politicians and historians now, started when the newly founded Republic of Greece declared war on Liberia and used the pretext of ending slavery. A diplomatic battle was the only battle of this war, some supported Greece, some did not, The US sent a naval fleet to blockade any Greek ships in Liberia's waters. The unexpected part of the war was when Spain joined Liberia, and declared war on Greece, many nations soon declared war on Spain for no obvious reason, The war was quickly settled between Spain, Liberia the UK and Greece.

Colonial EmpireEdit

After the war, Greece bought East Timor from Spain. The revanchist fever in getting Rhodes back was fulfilled by the Government and when integration happened, the people were celebrating. Some critics of the Government said that the loans used to buy these lands are going to bury Greece in a mountain of debt, but the Prime Minister assured them that there is no need to worry, Greece is noticing economic growth.

People's Party ruleEdit

After a failed attempt to gain a colony in China, Eleutherios Venizelos resigned and the People's Party won the elections. Tsaldaris is now Prime Minister of Greece.


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