Ernst-Günther Schenck
Schenck as portrayed by Christian Berkel
Nickname(s) Herr Professor
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Nationality German

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Günther Schenck was a German doctor and SS-Standartenführer. He was born in Marburg on 3 October 1904 and joined the Schutzstaffel in 1933. During the war, he was involved in a number of medical programs, including a herbal plantation at Dachau to develop vitamin supplements. Schenck was personally credited with developing a protein sausage for frontline SS troops that was tested on 370 prisoners at Mathausen-Gusen. He was also associated with Erwin Liek's attempts to develop holistic methods to prevent cancer. A 1963 report accused Schenck of "treating humans like objects, guinea pigs", and he was prohibited from continuing medical practice when he returned to West Germany.

Schenck served on the Eastern Front, where he earned the Iron Cross, Second Class. When Operation Clausewitz took effect in April 1945, Schenck was stationed in Berlin. Despite orders for the evacuation of SS officers, Schenck refused to leave, citing responsibility to Wehrmacht soldiers. He volunteered to work in an emergency casualty station under the Reich Chancellory, assisting in approximately 100 major surgeries with aid from Dr. Werner Haase. Schenck was not trained as a surgeon and was without proper supplies and equipment to treat battle victims; as he later recalled, he was unable to track down a single German soldier he had operated on who had survived. It was during this time that Schenck made two brief encounters with Adolf Hitler in the Führerbunker; as a result, his memoirs have proven historically valuable, and were part of the sources that informed the 2004 film Downfall.

Schenck was captured by the Soviet Army during the Berlin "break-out" of 1 May 1945. He was released from Russian captivity in 1953 and returned home to (then) West Germany. He died on 21 December 1998 in Aachen.

In the Downfall universeEdit

Schenck is rarely seen in parodies, owing in part to his perception as a "good" Nazi and the sombre tone of the scenes in which he appears. Notably, he stands up to Tellermann when the latter, working for Constantin Film, attempts to destroy the parody manuscripts.[1] Schenck plays as Borneo in Multipolarity II. His forum handle is Prof. Dr. Schenck.


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