Republic of Estonia
Eesti Vabariik
Flag of Estonia.svg
Seen in Mad World
Status Non-player country
Estonia, Turn 7
Demonym Estonian
 -  First Citizen Ants Laaneots
 -  Insurrection against Serbia Turn 3 
 -  Independence Turn 6 

Estonia is a non-player country in the IOT spin-off Mad World. After Germany declared war on Serbia in Turn 2, it sought to exploit imperial overstretch and began funding nationalist movements in the periphery. On Turn 3 Estonian rebels emerged in the islands and over the course of the month steadily wrested greater control of home territories, achieving independence by Turn 6. ChesterBannington twice sought to secure Estonia as a military ally, once as Germany and later as Finland, but was declined both times, the first due to its ongoing struggle for independence, the second over the suicidal prospect of war with Sweden.

In a nod to Thorvald's previous play as Estonia in IOT7, the country is led by General Ants Laaneots.

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