Eternal Kingdom of New China
Seen in Multipolarity
Played by christos200
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
Turn 8

Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912).svg

Capital New Beijing
Languages Chinese, Amharic, possibly others
Religion Catholicism
Government Cronyocracy
King George I
Dictator Chiang
Vice-dictator "Mr. George"
Historical era Multipolarity
 -  Chinese capitulation 2165
 -  Destruction 2165
Currency X

The Eternal Kingdom of New China, abbreviated EKNC, was possibly the most ironically-named country in any IOT. It was established in 2165 by Oz following the surrender of the Kingdom of China, granting George I and his cronies sovereignty over a single Ethiopian province, an "honour guard" of twenty divisions and thirty aircraft, and a 1000 rubl' golden parachute complementing George's theft of the national treasury. The EKNC was not recognized as legitimate by the international community, suffering an immediate embargo by Kongo and declaration of war by SR Multinational.

In addition to the fleeing government, the EKNC allegedly attracted enough Chinese monarchists to displace the local Ethiopian citizens at a ratio of 57:43. Chinese was instituted as the official language, and while Ethiopians were officially afforded "the same rights", the wording suggests they were regarded as somehow separate from the expressly "Chinese" state.

The EKNC did not even last for a full turn. christos200 revealed the state existed for the sole purpose of destroying Hawai'i; in a highly questionable decision, Taniciusfox allowed christos to carry over his full nuclear stockpile totalling some 65 warheads, which he deployed immediately to obliterate the country wholesale. While the EKNC was in turn destroyed, the China Six had already elected to sentence their citizens to death, fleeing once more to reconstitute as a terrorist cell. The incident was seen as another example of christos escaping due consequence, and further entrenched players' attitude against him.

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