filli_noctus is a British IOT player on the Civilization Fanatics' Center.

He first entered IOT midway through Dawn of Colonization as the Kingdom of Prussia. His first full game was Multipolarity Rearmed, playing as the nation of New Britain, based out of the Falklands and occupying much of South America.

By no means a regular player he prefers smaller, simpler games to the larger IOTs (although he will occasionally take part in larger games as smaller nations or NGOs).

Due to time constraints his influence over games tends to be small but he tends towards verbose roleplay when possible. When the stars are right though he can act decisively, most notably during IOT Enlightenment 2: Philosophers and Kings where his Celtic Union bullied its way through every blockade imposed, diplomatically vassalised Patriotic_Fool's Norskandia and conquered Western Europe from Arrow Gamer's Merchant Republic, causing the latter to abandon his nation to restart as Korea.

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