Empire Français
Empire of France
Flag of France.svg Imperial Coat of Arms of France (1804-1815).svg
Flag Imperial Coat of arms
Seen in Iron and Blood 4
Played by christos200
French territories (green) in Europe and North Africa
French territories (green) in Europe and North Africa
French colonial holdings in North America
French colonial holdings in North America
(and largest city)
Official language(s) French
Recognised regional languages Italian, Spanish, Arabic
Ethnic groups  French, Italians, Spanish, Arabs
Demonym French
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperor Napoleon V
 -  French Revolution 1789 
 -  Imperial Rule 1804 
 -  End of the Great War 1910 
Religion Roman Catholicism

The Empire of France is a constitutional monarchy and colonial empire played by christos200 in Iron and Blood 4, based on a direct descendence from the real-life Napoleonic Empire.

Pre-game historyEdit

According to the game's point of departure in A.D. 1000, Viking conquest of Britain during the Middle Ages meant no English colonization of the Americas occurred, and the Norse retained control of Normandy into the Nineteenth Century. While France apparently never settled Canada, it maintained the Louisiana colony, which by game's start grew to encompass most of the American southeast.

France's main point of departure revolves around the historical republican revolution, in which the First Coalition is replaced by a tripartite alliance between the Norse, Spain, and an ambiguous Austrian state in control of northern Italy. In 1794, the Norse attempted to exploit revolutionary discord to seize neighbour regions, leading to a seven-year war that resulted in the unification of France under Napoleon I and its conquest of Italy entire; Spain led an independent war in 1806, resulting in its continental defeat in 1809 and the surrender of its Algerian colony four years later.

Under Napoleon II, France embarked on colonial expansion from 1828–1840, including the military conquest of Egypt and colonization of Sudan and the Horn of Africa. Following the Austro–Prussian War of 1852–65 and the consolidation of the German Empire, France and the Netherlands formed an alliance over fears of German aggression. Competing expansionism spiralled into the Great War of 1898–1910 between the Franco–Dutch and Norse–German alliances, ultimately ending with France ceding its east African colonies to Germany.


By the start of I&B4, the French Empire controls Metropolitan France and Corsica, Italy, Sicily and Sardinia, and mainland Spain as core states. It also holds the Maghreb and Louisiana colonies in Algeria and North America, respectively.

Government and politicsEdit

The original Empire was an absolute monarchy ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte until his death in 1821. Under his successors, the government evolved into a liberal constitutional framework based on the Code Napoléon.

France inherited a defensive alliance with the Republic of the United Netherlands from the game's worldbuilding phase, and a hostile attitude toward the United Scandinavian Empire and German Empire, both opponents in the 1898–1910 "Great War", resulting in a revanchist attitude and espionage bonus against Germany. christos had been musing a "Nazi-like party"[1], but recanted when GamezRule threatened to "destroy France"[2].

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