Gethic Hand
Two Vs for Vinsin Vancore  and Double Victory!
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum IX, Saviors of a Divided Nation, KaiserIOT, KIOT2
Played by Ailedhoo
Type Secret society and fascist state
Purpose Global domination
Leader Vinsin Vancore
Parent organization
Order Movement (IOT9)
Affiliations Company of the Dawn (schismed during alien invasion, KaiserIOT)
"[M]ore authoritarian than Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China and Otto's Spain... COMBINED!"
Ailedhoo, IOT9

The Gethic Hand is a secret society-cum-totalitarian dictatorship based on Ailedhoo's faction in NationStates. It appears in several IOTs as a seditious political movement that seeks to bring about universal peace through the brutal subjugation of all peoples under a unitary government.

Early appearancesEdit

The Gethic Hand is first mentioned in Imperium Offtopicum IX as the military wing of the "Order Movement", one of a number of dissident political factions that emerged within the French Commune during the radicalization induced by the Spanish War. It derived its name from the Order's founder, Neil Gethic. Despite limited popular support, the Order was one of the most extremist factions, and the Gethic Hand was considered highly likely to commit acts of terrorism in order to consolidate political power.

It reappeared in Saviors of a Divided Nation as a mercenary company originally named the Dread Bulk. After Vinsin Vancore usurped control from Nicolas Morn, it was renamed it to the Gethic Hand and completely restructured. It sought to subjugate the United States as the first step in a plan for global domination.



The Gethic Hand emerged as a splinter cell of the Company of the Dawn, a mercenary group purporting lineage dating back to 9th Century Byzantine patriots. During the alien invasion, Vinsin Vancore defected with a number of military divisions to claim Fiji as his own state. The Company attempted to apprehend him but was beaten back, and Vancore's retaliation crippled the organization and led to the mysterious disappearance of its leader Nikolas Aυγή; its defeat led to an influx of ex-Company personnel, and Vancore subsequently declared the Gethic Hand an independent country.


The Gethic Hand draws its philosophy and name from Lloyd Gethic, a Company general that believed the only way to achieve harmony amongst disparate groups was through a common law upheld by brute force, writing that "the world must know iron to know peace." Gethic was highly influential on Vancore, who combined the general's ideas with his own megalomania into an ideology of militant imperialism and total obedience, casting himself as a god-like arbitrator over mankind. The Hand regards itself as the mortal enemy of "chaos", which under its totalitarian lens typically translates as whatever Vancore deems contrary to his interests.


In KaiserIOT 2, Vancore does not coup Fiji but instead assassinates Alexis Drakos to seize command of Dawn forces in Central America.

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