Hawai'ian Genocide
MP Christos' Legacy
Summary of the OOC legacy of the Pan-Asiatic War, created before the combat phase. Its relevance was furthered by the genocide.
Occurred in Multipolarity
Date 13 December 2165
Location Hawai'i
Result Utter destruction of Kingdom of Hawai'i, Eternal Kingdom of New China
Formation of Chinese Resistance Forces
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Eternal Kingdom of New China Kanaka Maoli flag Kingdom of Hawai'i
Casualties and losses
Total deaths
12 860 000 Hawai'ians
550 000 EKNC
150 000 Legionnaires
100 000 Yucateco
100 000 Papuans
100 000 Filipinos
100 000 Javanese
20 000 Koreans
20 000 Argentinians

The Hawai'ian Genocide was a suicidal atomic war launched by the Eternal Kingdom of New China against the Kingdom of Hawai'i that ended with the obliteration of both countries. It was one of the most controversial incidents in Multipolarity due to the dubious nature of its execution, and represents an enduring black mark against Taniciusfox's integrity as game moderator.


The Kingdom of Hawai'i had constituted the Pacific's military superpower for much of the game, and proved a major obstacle to Chinese aggression during the Pan-Asiatic War. As a result, christos200 came to view Lighthearter as his archenemy, but due to poor military planning was unable to confront him in a conventional war. In 2165, christos abandoned his original country, absconding with the national treasury and the full nuclear stockpile, reforming as the EKNC in a gifted Ethiopian province. During the combat phase at turn's end, he fired the entire stockpile at Hawai'i, resulting in the complete annihilation of the country and widespread collateral damage to neighbouring regions; the EKNC was in turn destroyed by a missile strike as part of a larger Hawai'ian offensive against the Comintern.

As a result of the genocide, charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity were intensified against the China Six, and India announced the establishment of an international criminal court to prosecute the perpetrators of the nuclear exchanges that year, which had claimed a total death count of 42.4 million, over twelve percent of the total world population. Immediately following the destruction of the EKNC, the China Six regrouped as a terror cell for the purpose of conquering a newly-democratic Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang.


christos attempted to retroactively legitimize the genocide, claiming he was acting in defence of Korea and Australia, both of whom were primary targets of the Hawai'ian onslaught, despite the fact that China had made clear its own aggressive designs on Korea during the war. mayor condemned the action, stating that "Oz will never be gratefull [sic] for the deaths of 42 million people."

The circumstances by which the genocide was allowed to take place became increasingly contentious toward the game's end as Taniciusfox's management was subjected to tightening scrutiny. While everything was technically permissible within the rules, christos' ability to retreat with the full arsenal, enabling the subsequent nuclear exchange skewed against Hawai'i favour, was widely regarded as contravening the spirit of the game, and was made all the more objectionable by christos' immediate return as the CRF. As mayor summarized: "Methinks you saved your own skin by sacrificing China."

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