Helmuth Weidling
Weidling as portrayed by Michael Mendl
Title General der Artillerie
Species Human
Gender Male
Address Führerbunker
Nationality German

Helmuth Otto Ludwig Weidling was a German general who served in the Wehrmacht Heer from 1911 through both World Wars. He saw extensive action on the Eastern Front in the 1940s, and as commander of LVI Panzer Corps was involved in the Battle of Berlin. On 22 April 1945, Adolf Hitler ordered Weidling to be executed over the mistaken belief that he had retreated in violation of standing orders. The situation was resolved when he reported to the Führerbunker, and he was appointed commander of the Berlin Defence Area the following day. Weidling attempted to disband the Hitler Youth militia manning the city's last lines of defence, but the order was not carried out. Following Joseph Goebbels' suicide, on 2 May Weidling and Chief-of-Staff Theodor von Dufving met with Soviet general Vasily Chuikov to deliver an unconditional surrender. He was taken as a prisoner of war by the Soviets and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, allegedly for not surrendering Berlin sooner. He died in KGB custody in 1955, officially from "arterial and cardiac sclerosis along with circulatory collapse".

In the Downfall Parody Universe, Weidling is regularly depicted as one of the only sane men in the Bunker, expressing vexation at how Hitler's vendetta with Fegelein is distracting everyone from the more pressing threat of the Soviet invasion. He usually appears serious and is generally disdainful of the regular residents' idiocy (particularly Burgdorf's), but unlike Keitel is not a total killjoy and will employ his own sarcastic humour on occasion. His forum handle is Helmuth Weidling.

In Multipolarity II, Weidling plays Kashmir.