Igel LWS-2
Place of origin Germany
Service history
Used by Downfall Gang Flag Downfall Gang
Wars Austrian War
Production history
Number built 20
Crew 3 (driver, gunner, commander)

Chemical beam

The LWS-2 Igel ("Hedgehog") is an experimental support tank in service with the Wehrmacht in Imperium Offtopicum IX. It was first seen in action in Austria during the end phase of the war. While it is vaguely similar to the Ion Tank, the Igel was under development before SUDS revealed its research, and the two projects are not believed to have been aware of each other.

There are rumours that the Igel's schematics were sold to the Brotherhood, although there is no conclusive evidence it has access to a working model.

Production historyEdit

The Igel was conceived some time prior to the war in Austria, although the exact date the project began is uncertain. Development was conducted in secret; the first prototype was completed after the Spanish War, but the project only gained public attention when the tank was seen in combat.

The Igel is smaller and faster than the Leopard 3 MBT, with a lower profile and shorter barrel. It is armed with a chemical beam that uses radiative energy to bypass armour and detonate an enemy vehicle's fuel and/or ammunition. The weapon is also lethal against unprotected personnel, but does not create persistent contamination. The beam is strong enough to strike targets at ranges farther than guns on the Leopard 3 and Leopard 4, which combined with the Igel's agility, makes it a powerful support weapon. The tank's own armour is light, and the weapon's fuel is highly volatile, posing the risk of a violent explosion if the hull is breached.

Adolf Hitler ordered the Igel into service as part of a larger attempt to overpower the Austrian military and bring early closure to the war, despite protests by his staff that the weapon required further testing. All 20 available units were assigned to the front lines; whether or not more were produced is unknown. Although the Wehrmacht failed to make any large headway that season, reports indicated that the Igel proved extremely effective, even if it had failed to win the war single-handedly.

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