Imperium Offtopicum Forums (officially titled Imperium Offtopicum) is the host board for Thorvald of Lym's critically acclaimed novella, SHTAR WORZ: A NEu HOP and its planned sequels. It began as a website created by Taniciusfox as part of his attempt to monopolize control of the games spread the IOT tradition beyond CivFanatics. Launched 21 April 2012 around the time IOT9 was locked for review, it received mixed reception, with common complaints focused on inferior formatting and concern that it would divide attention between itself and CFC.

The forum structure loosely imitates CFC, with each IOT game receiving its own subforum. Currently, the only games hosted are IOT9, Multipolarity), Imperia Mediterraneana, and Multipolarity Rearmed, all of which are also present on CivFanatics, with the incentive of automatic moderator status for GMs who choose to host on the site. Site rules are much more lax than CFC. Particularly noteworthy was Tanicius' quiet approval of double logins for roleplay purposes, leading to a proliferation of accounts for characters from Downfall accounting for over half the registered members within the first two days.

The IOT Forums remained fairly active for the first two months, but after Tanicius replaced ProBoards' ads with his own, more invasive ads to acquire revenue, activity rapidly declined as some forumers quit in protest over his "gold farming". Despite reinstating the ProBoards ads in July, activity failed to recover. Ironically, the most active part of the board became the forum devoted to the "Final Frontier" universe of Action Chatrooms developed by Lighthearter, although this too soon fell into disuse.

In a plan to rescue flagging interest, Tanicius originally intended to host MultiPolarity II exclusively on the board. This proved controversial, with players such as Mosher and JoanK boycotting the game outright. Seeking to replicate the success of the original, Tanicius conceded defeat and aired the game at CFC.

Pop-up advertisements remained on a once-a-day basis to collect revenue from the chance visitor, but in the wake of the IOT Revolt they were permanently axed as Tanicius again attempted to rekindle interest in the board, this time as an alternative to "meddlesome" moderation by CFC. This, too, failed, and the site is now largely dead save for updates to SHTAR WORZ and occasional posts by the Downfall Gang.

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