Imperium Offtopicum IX
Political divisions, Turn 12
Created by Taniciusfox
Formal run 1 April–22 June 2012
Total updates 12
Genre Contemporary
Notable events Spanish War
Austrian War
Wali–American War
Justice League
Downfall Gang
Link(s) Game thread
Game thread on the Taniboard

Imperium Offtopicum IX was Taniciusfox's return to hosting 'chronological' IOTs after IOT8's abrupt stall mid-March. The game ran from the beginning of April 2012 until mid-June, when a combination of student work and loss of motivation led Tanicius to abandon the game. Mechanics-wise, it was his simplest game until IOT X late in the same year (featuring no economics or nuclear weapons, and a return to the streamlined combat of IOT1), and can be seen as a reboot of the aborted WIM-IOT on a more detailed map.

IOT9 was one of the first games double-hosted on CivFanatics and the Imperium Offtopicum Forums after a flame-ridden tirade by christos200 briefly led to a lock by the board moderators, and beginning Turn 8 full updates were posted exclusively on the Taniboard.

IOT9 is perhaps best remembered for introducing the Downfall Gang, who would become a running gag in the community.

Game mechanicsEdit

As with Tanicius' previous games, investing in roleplay leads to tangible bonuses. While featuring almost no hard rules, IOT9 has a pseudo-currency in the form of tradable 'roleplay points' that can be used to improve combat odds and acquire bonus territory.

The game's starting year is set arbitrarily at 2422, with no fixed time progression. Its loose atmosphere and blank-slate setting have invited a mix of serious, playful, and outright outlandish nations from varying epochs and universes, similar to Mobius: Total Chaos.


Initial players claimed 25 (nominally contiguous) territories; new players can claim up to 30. Every five territories provides an additional 'army' that is used for claiming neutral land. A maximum of five overseas regions can be claimed per turn; Tanicius will "collapse" salients to prevent encirclement.


Each army enables an individual attack per turn, calculated by RNG from 1-6; unused attacks contribute to homeland defence in up to five battles. Roleplay points can be invested to bolster attack and defence at a rate of 1:1.


As with earlier "numbered" IOTs, diplomacy is entirely player-to-player and not mechanically binding. IOT9 does not feature a GM-imposed United Nations as most of its predecessors have.

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