Imperium Offtopicum XVI
Political divisions, 2455.
Created by Double A
Formal run 9 July–6 August 2014
Total updates 8
Genre Joke, science fiction
Notable events Sino–Korean War
Link(s) Game thread

Imperium OffTopicum XVI: Subforumal Oversaturation is a Numbered IOT by Double A. It was inspired by Imperium Offtopicum XIV and XV running simultaneously alongside a (briefly) resurrected IOT7. It used a simplistic ruleset designed to foster player-to-player warfare. While it was created in the spur of the moment, unlike AAIOT it was a serious attempt to run a game, and lasted for eight turns before it was abruptly discontinued.


The game reused the classic IOT map, with each territory and/or island representing one claim. Players began by claiming ten territories and designating a capital, which provided bonus defence, and either 10 Armies or 5 Armies and Navies; on Turn 2 new players began with 20 territories and 10 units of their choice. The game began in the year 2448 and placed no restrictions on starting factions. The first turn was labelled as "Update 17".

Players that failed to submit orders were automated. As of Turn 5, players AWOL for three consecutive turns were assumed retired, with exact consequences decided ad-hoc.

House rulesEdit

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Stay on topic when it's convenient.
  3. Your posts should actually consist of something relevant to your nation and/or one-liner comments.
  4. Use the thread for all your diplomatic needs.
  5. No powergaming. By definition, powergaming is creating any country with Basil-class carriers.
  6. The GM is supreme. I reserve the right to do whatever the hell I want to the game mechanics. Heil myself.
  7. Above all else, don’t forget I can drop meteors on you.


Each territory produced a flat 1 IP per turn, which could be spent to train Armies or Navies for 1 and 2 IP, respectively. To claim a contiguous province, an army was disbanded, representing the establishment of a local governing body. Each naval unit could transport 1 army; overseas claims were unlimited but required an army. Double A later introduced an amendment that landmasses with adjacent 'shorelines' (black borders) did not require naval transport.


Aside from "fronts will be a thing", combat mechanics were not specified. Newly-trained units could defend at half-strength at the GM's discretion. Any coastal province enabled combat bonuses from naval units, and close-shore invasions (see above) risked incurring heavy casualties without naval support.

Occupations likewise were not concretely defined, instead determined by GM fiat based on the progression of a front.

Espionage had no defined rules, but "[would] be tracked."

External linkEdit

Game Thread

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