Intrigue of Magic
Realms of Cumhail in AC 453
Created by Ailedhoo
Moderators Ailedhoo
Thorvald of Lym (11–17 September)
Formal run 19 August–29 September 2013
Total updates 4
Genre High fantasy
Link(s) Game thread

Intrigue of Magic is a fantasy-themed game created by Ailedhoo. Inspired by Mad World, it is primarily roleplay-based with few hard mechanics. Its setting is a fictional archipelago named Cumhail, named after the mythical Irish hunter Fionn mac Cumhaill (pronounced /ˈfɪn məˈkuːl/ or [ˈfʲin̪ˠ mˠakˠ ˈkuːw̃əlːʲ]).

The game ran from 19 August to 29 September 2013 over four updates. Management temporarily passed to Thorvald of Lym on September 11 when Ailedhoo went on a family vacation, but upon his return he did not immediately resume command, and due to the start of studies the game was informally ended. Despite its comparatively short run, it was known for dedicated roleplay by most of its players, and is considered to be Ailedhoo's most successful game to date.


Each turn represents one year in game time. Players join the game by selecting 1–5 provinces, designating a capital region, government, race, and map colour. Game mechanics are largely free-form in the style of Imperium Offtopicum III. Economy, expansion and military size are not bound by hard rules, but complementary roleplay is inferred to have a strong influence on the success or failure of in-game actions. Every turn, the game moderator instigates a variety of events both general and player-specific to encourage roleplay and provide minor challenges.


See also: Lore of Cumhail

The game is set 450 years after an epic battle between the demon lord Balor and the avatar of the angelic Empress Ysbal, dubbed the Divine War. The aftermath of the conflict plunged the region into a dark age and introduced various "alien" races into the realm that by the start of the game have consolidated into their own communities. At game's start, Cumhail's technology is equitable to the High Middle Ages with the addition of high fantasy elements.


Main article: List of races in Intrigue of Magic

IoM features a number of fantastical races, both native and foreign, each featuring different characteristics. With the exception of the Fomori their attributes are not mechanically bound, but the player is expected to abide by their strengths and weaknesses.

Adventure sitesEdit

Main article: List of critical locations in Intrigue of Magic

Proposed prior to Turn 1 and introduced shortly after update, "great sites" are legendary locations that provide adventure and questing opportunities. There are 40 sites in total, boasting increasing treasures (and greater dangers), as well as five trading centres that link the ocean-dwelling Fomori to the surface. The trading posts were made public immediately, while the other sites are revealed through exploration.

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