Joined on March 2010
Years active 2010–2014
Games moderated Imperium Offtopicum V
Notable countries Israel
Empire of the Rising Sun
Grand Kingdom of Xi'an
Personal information
Gender Male
Date of birth (1994-02-08)February 8, 1994
Age 23
Nationality American

Joecoolyo was an IOT Old Guard regular, iconic for dedicated roleplay and in later games, grand strategy. In the early games, he was known for a handful of mostly-peaceful Israeli states before adopting a much more belligerent attitude in Imperium Offtopicum IV as the Empire of the Rising Sun. He was often lauded for maintaining a sharp division between in-character hostility and OOC cordiality.

Joe was the chief designer and co-GM of IOT5, and created the original Development Thread. While he remained semi-active within the community, his participation in games dropped off sharply after 2011, confined exclusively to the Iron & Blood series and similar games by taillesskangaru.

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