Konstantinos Karamanlis
Konstantinos Karamanlis
Title Opposition Leader
Gender Male
Occupation Politician
Faction New Democracy
Nationality Greek

Konstantinos Karamanlis is the leader of New Democracy and the current Leader of Opposition in Greece in ClassicIOT: Cold War. The death of the President of Crete - Cyprus Alexandros Papanastasiou in 1952 split in various factions the ruling Liberal Party and allowed Konstantinos Karamanlis to win the 1953 elections with his right wing New Democracy party.

As President of Crete - Cyprus from 1953 to 1957, he promoted trade with other countries, modernized the armed forces and formed an air force. In 1957, he lost the elections to the socialist PASOK of Andreas Papandreou. Since then, he has criticized viciously the government as leader of opposition.

In 1960, he toured Cyprus in an attempt to garner support for the upcoming 1961 elections while criticizing the government's decision to borrow heavily from Yuan and UAR and warned that the country would be placed under a huge foreign debt. However, those predictions were proven wrong as the loans gave a huge boost to the country's economy, allowing it to be able to repay the debts.

In the 1961 elections, he managed to reunite the right wing under his banner but came second with 35% of the votes. In 1962, his speeches became far more populist and moved towards the far right, as he espoused the idea of a Greater Greece. However, Andreas Papandreou stole his idea and unified Crete-Cyprus with Greece.

In 1963, in the aftermath of this, he was challenged by his own party members. 10 MP's of New Democracy formed a more moderate party under Antonis Samaras, the "Political Spring", 15 far right MP's formed the "Greek Nationalist Party", 16 MP's defected to PASOK and 1 MP, Alexis Tsipras, after failing to overthrow Konstantinos Karamanlis from the leadership of New Democracy, became independent.

That same year, he formed an alliance with the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with the sole goal of overthrowing PASOK in the 1965 elections. Both parties accused PASOK of leading a corrupt establishment and pledged to work together against it despite their ideological differences.

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