Multipolarity IV is the latest installment in the Multipolarity series. It is a sequel to Multipolarity III but operates in yet another new timeline. Originally designed to make player-to-player war virtually impossible, this has since been reneged with the abolition of nuclear weapons.

PC NationsEdit

  • Leth Confederacy 
  • Syndicates of America
  • Queendom of Hummel
  • England
  • Arstotzka
  • Noodle Republic
  • China-Japan
  • Iceland-Norway
  • 501st Legion
  • The Golden Horde
  • Protectorate of Bosnia
  • East Germany
  • Kingdom of the Zetas
  • Argentina
  • Magrocracy of Antioch
  • Peoples Rep. of Siberia
  • Court of the Crimson King
  • Empire of Azerbaijan
  • Theo. Rep. of Cape Verde
  • Backwateristan
  • Mongolia
  • Congo
  • Christian States of America


  • Humanity First
  • Mercenary Group


Turn OneEdit

The Crimson Court delivers an ultimatum to their neighbour the Heavenly Kingdom of Brunei, which would see them deliver a portion of their population as slaves to the Crimson Court to sell around the world in a Slave Market. This move instantly stratifies the world with many quickly becoming PRO or ANTI slavery. The loudest voice for the ANTI-slavery cause is the Noodle Republic. But after many join together in a PRO-slave alliance the Noodle republic collapses into a number of sucessor states. 

External linksEdit

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