National Guards
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum XIV
Played by christos200
Type Paramilitary Organization
Legal status Unofficially armed and supported by the Japanese Government
Purpose Crackdown on pro-peace and anti-government protestors

The National Guards were a paramilitary far right militia in Japan in Imperium Offtopicum XIV, armed and supported by the government of Takeshi Ruchang to suppress political dissent. It was made up of the Japanese National Socialist Party (JNSP), the Japanese Dragon (JD) and the Tokugawa Organization (TO), as well as of supporters of the war in general.

Their first act was to murder the pro-peace Socialist politician Hirotu and attack his family. They then started to attack protestors, communists and pro-peace activists, killing or beating up 12,000 people. After the bombing of the Japanese Diet, they killed more than 6,000 people in less than two days, while 10,000 citizens were seriously injured.

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