Last "official" world map, after choxorn returned to the game.

"The altered maps threads have always been mostly nonsense."

OT Poster Empires was the precursor to Imperium Offtopicum. The thread was created by Lil Post count, and ran for 20 hours and 37 minutes.

On March 13, 2010, in the sixth Altered Maps thread in the Off-Topic forum, taillesskangaru declared that "I am bored, so I'm going to rename the world's countries after posters here" and invited forumers to lay claim to regions of the world.[1] Seventeen hours and fifty-three minutes into the experiment, Shekwan introduced a political dimension to the pastime when he threatened to go to war with Huayna Capac357. Diplomacy rapidly developed as Joecoolyo and Mathalamus entered into a serious war over conflicting claims. By the next day, a number of players (as well as maligned unaffiliated forumers) recommended the game be moved to a dedicated thread.

Lil Post count created the spin-off thread, dubbed "OT Poster Empires", early March 14, which was soon moved to Forum Games. Multiple wars quickly broke out between various countries, but as the game lacked even a nominal moderator, their resolution was always in a state of flux and subject to arbitrary pronouncements. Taniciusfox proposed a set of rules to supply a basic structure that became the foundation for Imperium Offtopicum. Lil meanwhile began screaming for the thread to be locked; while the mods ignored his request, most of the players agreed to restart with the new game.

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