Omega's avatar on CivFanatics and Discord, chibified Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Title Lucina Aficionado
Nickname(s) Megs, Megsy
Alias Omega
Chat handle Omega, various socialist puns
Joined on March 2010
Games moderated FemIOT
Notable countries Women's Republic of France
Namibia (R2R)
Personal information
Gender Female
Date of birth March 12, 1997
Age 21
Occupation Student
Family Terrible
Children Oh god no
Relatives Slightly less terrible
Starsign Yin Fire Ox
Religion Atheist
Nationality American

Omega124, commonly known simply as Omega and/or Megs is one of the few remaining Old Guard IOTers, having participated in the very first game. Her reputation has evolved considerably over the course of IOT; originally known for an aggressive play style and hate-on for Mathalamus, she achieved notoriety as the New England Alliance in Imperium Offtopicum IV, precipitating the game's cold war and eventual nuclear exchange. In later IOTs she became considerably mellower, but this was accompanied by a habit of dropping games soon after sign-up. Presently she is known for a trend of militantly feminist countries, the most developed being the Women's Republic of France in IOT XIV. For the better part of XIV, Megs and a bunch of IOTers conspired a concept plan of a satire of XIV, tentatively known as FemIOT. Despite receiving a favorable reaction from the community as a whole during its conceptual phase, few seemed to care once the ill-fated release occurred. In 2014, Megs came out as being transgender, to no one's real surprise.