Otto I
Image:Constantine II 1966.jpg
Not to be confused with Constantine II of Greece
Title King of China
Gender Male
Date of birth 2135
Date of death 2218[citation needed]
Occupation Terrorist leader, monarch
Nationality Chinese

Otto I of China (r. 2173–2179), born Otto von Constantine, was the son of George I of China. Following George's death in 2173, Otto inherited leadership of the terrorist Chinese Resistance Forces on the eve of the Conquest of Xinjiang, which installed him as King of China. He purported to reinstate a constitutional government and sought to normalize relations with the rest of the world, but his rise to power was condemned as illegitimate by virtually every neighbour and he failed to achieve reconciliation with the Scarlet Lancers. Otto was deposed in 2179 following an internationally-sponsored insurrection. As a result of the epilogue's delay, his fate is contested: Imperial roleplay in Multipolarity II purported that he escaped captivity and fled to Italy, becoming a businessman and maintaining the dynasty, whereas the MP2 epilogue, presupposing the events of its predecessor, states that Otto died in prison and fathered no legitimate children.

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