Pacific War
Occurred in Imperium Offtopicum XIV
Date Fall 2105–January 2107
Location East Asia
Result Liberation of Vietnam
Collapse of Japanese Empire
ATEN UARflag United Arab Republic
Blank Indo-Persia
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Blank Malacca
Flag of Rhodesia New Rhodesia1
Flag of the imperial confederacy by cyberphoenix001-resd Texarkana (to Winter 2105)
Blank Rome (to Spring 2106)
Flag of Plato Platonic Republic (to Spring 2106)
Flag of the People's Republic of Sichuan Sichuan
Flag of Laos Laos (2106)
Blank Japan
Blank Empire of Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
ATEN UARflag Ahmad al-Karimi
Flag of Plato Xylon Toto2
Blank Andreas Laskaris
Blank Takeshi Ruchang
Blank Takeshi Shiro
1 – Due to confusion surrounding Civ'ed's ragequit on Turn 5, Rhodesia was given normal claims despite never formally withdrawing from the war, and Civ'ed briefly participated in front-line operations upon his return.
2 – General Toto was injured by Libyan separatists during passage through Suez and was hospitalized before reaching the front.

The Pacific War (2105–2107) was a major international conflict in Imperium Offtopicum XIV between the Empire of Japan and an allied coalition that emerged as an outgrowth of the Vietnam War. The two major fronts of the war were the Vietnamese Front and the Chinese Front. Despite initial victories on both fronts, the Japanese forces were eventually defeated. The conflict was characterized by vicious fighting and rampant violations of international law by Japan.

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