Papal States


The Papal States first emerged when the Vatican City State reasserted control over portions of Italy after the First Cataclysm and the collapse of the Italian Republic. This occuring during the reign of Celestine IX.

The following era of chaos that occured after the first Cataclysm saw the Papal States remain a ubiquitous feature in the international scene, and the font from which the ressurection of Christendom and reconstruction of western civilisation in the light of the Kaetif (sometimes superstitiously called demons by the peasantry, although the idea that the Kaetif are demons is rejected by the Church) and other Xenoc incursions and the continued persistence of liberalism (the cause of the first Cataclysm) and other reactionary 20th century ideologies.

In time the Papal States efforts saw fruit, with present day Europe being ubiquitously Catholic with several Catholic states dominating the continent, with the conversion of much of China to the Catholic Faith along with a good portion of the Kaetif population.

In the present day, with the decline of the Quincumvirate of Merchant Republics and the power transition towards a new world order. The Papal States stands as a rising power at the head of a strong and united Christendom to bring a prosperous future to the world at large, and to bring the unity of the Catholic Faith to the world, much of which remains in darkness.




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