To join, claim a province on the map, name your country/entity, and choose a faction.

The Fourth International specializes in heavy infantry, armor, and defensive structures. In the air, they have two unique units compared to the Allies’s single Longbow. At sea, the Communists lack an anti-air platform, which is fine, since they’re the only ones with an air unit effective against naval units.

The United Nations have no unique infantry units, and few defensive structures. However, they have a diverse pool of armored options, and practically rule the seas. The Allies also have a large arsenal of support powers to call upon.

Each province begins with 10 Factories. Each factory produces 1 IP. A factory costs 5 IP.

A list of units and their cost is in the stat sheet. Tan units and support powers are usable by either the Allies or Soviets. Blue units and powers are Allied. Red powers and units are for the Soviets.


Leaders, each turn, can assign units to defend provinces or attack provinces. Only adjacent provinces can be attacked except when using transports to lift units elsewhere. If not stated otherwise, a country’s defenders will be distributed evenly along the borders, including islands, so it is wise to position your defenders in your orders.

To take a province, an attacker needs to overpower the defenders by a decent margin. This requires more units, the right kind of units, and the use of support powers. If neither the defender nor attacker win a battle by enough, the territory becomes a War Zone. War Zones generates no IP for the owner.

Support powers are special abilities that can be bought and used. Once used, the support power is used up, but support powers can be stockpiled.

For the most part, what counters what should be easy to grasp. Rifle Infantry, being armed with M16s and AK47s, are clearly best used against other infantry, as are Attack Dogs. However, the numbers won’t be spoon fed you, so prepare for experimentation.


The Soviets and Allies are at war, but there’s nothing saying the Soviets and Allies always have to fight and can’t sign unofficial ceasefires. The game ends when one faction rules the planet.

At any time, a player can defect and join the other faction. Doing so, however, will lead to a Revolt Roll for each province, which will defect to nearby, loyalist, players.

Transport and IP TransferEdit

Players cannot send one another IP. Factories can be moved between provinces. A factory, overland, can move one province a turn. A Transport, on the other hand, can move a coastal factory to any other coastal province, but transports can also be targeted by enemy submarines and ships. Moving a factory costs 1 IP.

Unit NotesEdit

All units fall into one of six categories: Infantry, Vehicle/Armor, Air, Surface Ship, Submarine. Infantry and Armor units can’t engage ships or submarines. Air vehicles can, but only the Yak is really effective, but the Yak is counted by Destroyers.

Gunboats and Destroyers are anti-submarine weapons. Cruisers and Gunboats can be used for shore bombardment and supporting coastal battles. They’re mostly effective at destroying structure, defensive buildings.

Missile Submarines can also be used to support coastal battles. They’re mostly good for destroying structure, defensive buildings as well.

Structures, such as Pillboxes, obviously can’t be used to attack, only defend. Once a defensive structure is committed to a battle, it cannot be withdrawn.

The combat system isn’t laid out for you. This is intended. If you try to spam Mammoth Tanks to attack a province, don’t be surprised if a cheaper, more diversified defender pool beats you.


Name Type Faction Cost Upkeep
Rifle Infantry Infantry Both 2 0
Rocket Soldiers Infantry Both 6 1
Grenadier Infantry Soviet 6 1
Attack Dog Infantry Soviet 4 1
Flamethrower Infantry Infantry Soviet 8 2
Shock Trooper Infantry Soviet 12 3
Ranger Vehicle Allied 3 0
Light Tank Vehicle Allied 9 2
Medium Tank Vehicle Allied 12 2
Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle Allied 6 1
Chrono Tank Vehicle Allied 12 3
Heavy Tank Vehicle Soviet 15 3
Tesla Truck Vehicle Soviet 18 4
Mammoth Tank Vehicle Soviet 24 6
Longbow Aircraft Allied 16 4
Hind Aircraft Soviet 16 4
Yak Aircraft Soviet 12 3
Pillbox Structure Allied 10 2
Camouflaged Pillbox Structure Allied 15 3
Anti-Aircraft Gun Structure Allied 10 1
Turret Structure Soviet 10 1
Flame Tower Structure Soviet 15 3
SAM Site Structure Soviet 10 2
Tesla Coil Structure Soviet 25 6
Gunboat Ship Allied 15 3
Destroyer Ship Allied 15 3
Cruiser Ship Allied 20 5
Transport Ship Both 5 1
Submarine Submarine Soviet 15 3
Missile Submarine Submarine Soviet 20 5

Support powersEdit

Name Faction Cost Effect
Engineers Both 10 Engineers support defensive structures in battle.
Spies Allied 10 Spies have a random effect that weakens the enemy in battle in some way. Spies can be used in naval battles as well.
Thief Allied 10 Thieves can steal 1-2 factory production from an province and move it to an adjacent friendly provinces.
Medic Allied 20 Medics support infantry in the battle by tending to their wounds.
Tanya Adams Allied 25 Tanya Adams can be used to sabotage enemy defensive structures in battle, but she can only be used once a turn by the Allies.
Anti-Tank Minelayer Allied 25 The ATM puts down anti-tank mines in battle. Can only be used by defenders.
Demolition Truck Soviet 50 A Demolition Truck carries an atomic device that detonates in the heat of battle in the enemy camp/city. Destructive.
Mobile Artillery Allied 12 Mobile Artillery is very effective against armored, moving targets, but causes collateral damage as well.
V2 Launcher Soviet 12 V2 Rockets are effective against large structures, and causes heavy damage to a province's factory production when used.
Radar Jammer Allied 12 The Radar Jammer jams enemy radar, boosting the strength of your air power.
Gap Generator Technology Allied 90 The Gap Generator provides a large bonus to the user, as well as making the units used in a battle secret.
Chronosphere Allied 100 The Chronosphere allows a player to attack any land province on the map with armor and air units.
Strategic Nuclear Strike Both 100 BURNING DEATH FROM ABOVE.
Iron Curtain Soviet 100 The Iron Curtain provides a huge boost to the strength of non-infantry units by making them near invulnerable.
Parabombs Soviet 12 The Parabomb is used for raining hell on enemy provinces.
Paratroopers Soviet 12 You can drop an infantry unit onto any province on the map.

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