Scarlet Lancers
Scarlet Lancers
Seen in Multipolarity
Played by Thorvald of Lym
Type Secret society
Legal status Flag of the People's Republic of China Designated as terrorist organization by christos200's China
Paramilitary affiliates of the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang
Purpose Overthrow of Christos Xinjiang; democratization of China; global emancipation
  • East Asia
Leader The "Red Lotus"

The Scarlet Lancers are one of the original two terrorist factions in The Multipolar World, established by Thorvald of Lym after Sonereal temporarily pulled out of IOT, leaving the GLA in limbo. They emerged prior to the game's third update, declaring their intent to liberate the People's Republic of Xinjiang from the dictatorial rule of President Christos Xinjiang.

With the establishment of the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang in 2165, the Lancers announced their departure from the world arena, although they are assumed to continue working within the state.


The Scarlet Lancers revealed themselves to the world in a public address in 2153, stating they were "compelled to respond" to the Communist Party of Xinjiang's abuse of power, which in the previous years included a bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters and declarations of war against Hawai'i, India, and the 501st Legion in reaction to ensuing embargoes. Declaring Christos Xinjiang "an embarrassment to the Asiatic continent", the Lancers announced their objective of overthrowing the ruling administration and establishing a democratic government.

Although Xinjiang was nominally democratized in 2159 and rebranded the "Republic of China" in 2160, the Lancers expressed severe doubt as to the competence of the new government. Its chief complaints concerned the George administration's emphasis on the mechanics, rather than the spirit of democracy, and continued use of force in order to "unite" the country. The Lancers also accused the government of historical and cultural revisionism, blasting it for policies they claimed aimed to destroy Chinese and Uighur culture as part of an ill-rationalized goal of "Europeanization and modernization". Limited negotiations broke down after George declared the Lancers "enemies of China", and the Lancers resumed their campaign, if it had ever been suspended.

Following the collapse of China in 2165, the Lancers negotiated the reconstitution of an independent China with Oz, assuming statutory administrative responsibility for the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang. Pointedly refusing to form the fledgling parliament in favour of open elections, they have adopted the role of civil service and can be assumed to function as a domestic security force.

The Lancers are inferred to have existed as a secret society for many years before the events of Multipolarity, an idea that gained particular credence after the second address revealed their leader, the "Red Lotus", to be an immortal being.


The Lancers present themselves as republicans, acting on behalf of peoples oppressed and exploited. While their declaration of intent nominally situates them in Asia, and while China, and former President Christos specifically have been the crux of their activities, whether or not the Lancers are purely indigenous remains uncertain. Based on the universalist tone of their statements on justice, the rule of law, and the purpose of government, their war against christos200's countries appears part of a general aspiration toward global liberation.

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