The Second Third ReichEdit

Played by none other than the esteemed Patriotic_Fool, the Second Third Reich was one of the many European nations to appear in IOT: X. Patriotic_Fool had originally played the USSR, but switched during turn 1 to "flee from Jehoshua". He placed his territories adjacent to the French territories, but was moved by TaniciusFox due to "OOC concerns".

Nonetheless, Hitler's lust for vengeance was unparalled when he claimed territories that France also was claiming. A territorial dispute occured, but Hitler managed to get the secret French war plans. 3 of the 2 disputed lands went Reich.

The tables seemingly shifted when France created an alliance composed of England, Venice, Imperial Germany, Zulu, and SUDS formed the GED against the Reich.

The Reich was stopped from taking Paris but the arrival of Arabia and Macedonia, taking Southern France with no legal purpose, had prevented a GED counter attack.

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