Socialist Union of Democratic States
Flag of SUDS.png
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum IX
Played by Ailedhoo
Motto: Via la Revolution! (de facto)
Government Democratic grab bag
 -  Grand Premier Abel Roux
 -  Premier of Aragon Susan Rojo
 -  Premier of France Lisa Tolbert
 -  as French Commune Turn 0 
 -  as SUDS Turn 6 

The Socialist Union of Democratic States, commonly abbreviated SUDS or S.U.D.S., was a socialist federation famous for its revolutionary polemic. It was one of the first and persistent major powers of Imperium Offtopicum IX, spanning virtually every continent by the end of the game. SUDS was an international extension of the French Commune, which began exporting itself internationally on Turn 6, shortly after the establishment of the Global Alliance of Socialism.

SUDS was (in)famous for its extreme socialist rhetoric and wide cast of characters, notably Aragonese firebrand premier Susan Rojo, secret service officer George Chaput, and talk show host Victor Miles. Despite the violent Marxist ideology it espoused, SUDS rarely threatened direct military action, becoming involved in the Spanish and Austrian wars as part of an international coalition. Its first "major" war, and potentially the first consequential world war, was the sneak attack by Teahadistan, but the game ended without resolution.

In spite of ideological differences, SUDS maintained a love-hate relationship with the Downfall Gang throughout the game. Although formal trade relations never developed, in later seasons they engaged in limited cultural exchange.

Through out its history the primal industry of the SUDS was in alcohol, especilly wine.

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