Nickname(s) Sone
Alias Scarlet_King
Chat handle Sonereal (Chatango)
George Soros
Chairman Anderson (Discord)
Joined on November 2010
Years active 2010–2015
Games moderated See list
Notable series

Sonereal, also called Son, Sone or Sonicreal, and briefly known as Scarlet_King, is a player on the IOT forums and game moderator of over five dozen IOTs. He created the first and most popular IOT chatroom, and founded the IOT Wiki.

Sonereal joined IOT in late 2010 and has remained an active participant in almost all years since. He first gained attention as a GM for expanding the scope of WMD such that a single bomb could obliterate an entire continent, although he later argued against their overuse as 'gimmick' weapons and instituted a ban on trollquits. He was famous for popularizing the Standardized Combat System, which became the default template for most RNG-based combat algorithms.

Sonereal managed two major recurring series, Revolution IOT and the rapid-fire SonRISK, as well as a handful of experimental projects and reduxes of other franchises. He devised some of the most complex economics mechanics to date, although later games attracted criticism for overemphasizing trade and finance to the detriment of other fields. Sonereal gained notoriety for abandoning games without warning, typically due to a breakdown in the stats model, and retroactively purging the opening posts to prevent other GMs from adopting them, claiming games should strive to innovate and not dwell on the past. Nevertheless, he frequently commented and advised on conceptual rulesets in the development thread, although despite several requests he never publicly posted a tutorial on using spreadsheet software to automate calculations.

In later years Sonereal became controversial for his disparagement of roleplay-based games, claiming stats-heavy games were the only ones worth playing and roleplay should have no influence on the mechanics proper. Several players have accused him of pushing his personal preferences as the foundation of IOT at large, calling the "story versus stats" debate a false dichotomy engineered to split the base and advance this agenda, and warning that if taken seriously his ethos would confine game moderation to an elite clique. Sonereal has apparently admitted that his later games were at least partly to showcase his college economics studies; some players jokingly call his genre "spreadsheet simulators".

Already well-known for trolling the Civ4 board and the Off-Topic forum, Sonereal was involved in several incidents of decorum breakdowns within games, and harassment of rival players without; this included abusing his moderator status on chat to bully KaiserElectric over their cold war in IOT XIV. Sonereal would occasionally request/be subject to temporary bans from CivFanatics, and after the NES split in 2015 he briefly moved all activity to the Frontier forums. In February 2016 following a failed attempt to have all 'non-IOT' games expelled from the forum, he deleted a slew of recent posts and was banned by self-request.

Sonereal returned to IOT later that year. In 2017 he had an epiphany and converted to syndicalism.

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