Sublime State of Persia
دولت علیّه ایران
Dowlat-e Elliye ye Irān
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Imperial Emblem of the Qajar Dynasty (Lion and Sun).svg
Flag Coat of arms
Seen in Peshawar Lancers Redux
Played by Ailedhoo
Persian core (dark blue) and claimed territory (soft blue), 1885
Persian core (dark blue) and claimed territory (soft blue), 1885
Official language(s) Persian, Turkish
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Shah Naser al-Din
 -  Heir apparent Mozaffar ad-Din
Currency Toman

The Sublime State of Persia was a Middle Eastern monarchy played by Ailedhoo in Peshawar Lancers Redux, based on the Qajar dynasty. It aspired to resurrect the old Persian empire, but its expansion was thwarted in the northwest and east by Georgia and Russia respectively, prompting a drive into the Arabian peninsula and the annexation of Mecca in 1885. While it released the city and surrounding provinces as an independent state under auspices of political neutrality over the holy site, it maintained itself as a north-western buffer against Egypt.

Persia was nominally ruled by Shah Naser al-Din, but due to poor health his son Mozaffar governed in his stead. The country's economy was founded primarily on trade with its immediate neighbours as well as an ambitious industrialization programme. While the Shah originally posited himself as a political reformist, subsequent waffling in the wake of the Fall led to rising tensions between conservative absolutist and constitutionalist factions, spurring a court-sponsored summit in 1883 seeking to rectify the looming crisis.

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