Sureya globe
System Preosa
Coordinates I-5 (IU)
J2,K2 Abyss
Environment Hot, arid
Zones 4
Indigenous races Rozu

Sureya is the third planet of the Preosa System. It is an arid world of heavy winds and scorching temperatures. Barely 10% of the planet's surface is covered by permanent water bodies, concentrated toward the temperate zones just below the polar regions. The planet's resident sapient species is the Rozu, originally a hunter-gatherer race that has eked out agrarian communities around Sureya's precious seas. In Imperium Universalis and The Great Abyss, the Rozu are beginning manned space flight, while in Before Dark they are just starting the transition to an industrial economy.


Sureya as originally illustrated in Imperium Universalis, marking the capital city of the Republic of Neyero.

Most of the planet is covered by an almost-unbroken stretch of desert reaching from tropic to tropic that has remained a major obstacle to transcontinental contact and trade. Conditions are so hostile that outdoor farming is often impossible, with peak daytime temperatures sometimes exceeding 313 K (~40°C) and night chills dipping below freezing. Some regions, nicknamed the "crucibles", are so hot that they are fatal to navigate during day-time. Aside from the outposts and way stations lining the main trade routes, the desert's only permanent inhabitants are fierce nomadic tribes, who have constructed elaborate subterranean caves as shelters from the unforgiving elements.

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