The Great Abyss
Dead Space Ishimaru
Title banner
Created by Tyo
Formal run 24 August 2013–15 July 2014
Total updates N/A
Genre Science fiction
Link(s) Development diary
Sign-up thread

Imperium Offtopicum: The Great Abyss was a science fiction game envisioned by Tyo as a roleplay-oriented spiritual successor to his earlier project, Great Journeys. The game was essentially free-form, with statistics inferred from player behaviour. Unlike Great Journeys, humans were not banned outright, but were limited to a single player and subject to several starting restrictions.

Tyo characterized TGA as "a pretty long term development". Sign-ups launched in August 2013, and work on the inaugural update began mid-September, but progress stalled due to Tyo's school commitments, and later, loss of a working computer; he continued to encourage new applications. In December he announced he was reworking the ruleset and began the actual update early January. No correspondence followed for several months; in June he stated a tentative summer/fall start.

In mid-July, Tyo made an announcement in the Development Thread effectively declaring TGA dead, and polled players for a setting to a simplified game. With a near-consensus on continuing the interstellar theme, Tyo launched Before Dark shortly afterward.

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