This article lists current buildable units and structures in To the Great Beyond.

Space Empires sprite sheet

Name Cost/Upkeep (EP) Type Role
Freighter 2 / 0.25 Spaceship (civilian) Provides supply line with the capital, enabling maximum income from other planets. Can mine asteroid belts and unclaimed planets for additional income. Can transport 1 ground unit, fighter wing, or population unit.
Troops 2 / 0.25 Ground (military) Infantry unit with associated support equipment. Primarily used for surface assaults and garrison duties, and suggested to be capable of boarding action. Can defend against strike fighters.
Ground Armour 4 / 0.5 Ground (military) Mechanized assault unit geared for open terrain but vulnerable to guerrilla tactics. Stronger than Troops and capable of defending against low-orbiting spacecraft. Intimidation factor v. soft targets. Can transport/shelter Troops and civilians.
Fighter Wing 2 / 0.25 Strike fighter Atmospheric and light spacecraft that act as fire support against ground units and ships, and interdiction against rival fighters. Requires transport for interplanetary movement.
Defence Gun 4 / 0.5 Structure (military) Provides defence against enemy spaceships at 1.5x strength of a normal fleet. Vulnerable to ground forces. Can be rush-built for double cost. Cannot be relocated.
Explorer Fleet 4 / 1 Spaceship (support) Geared toward research and exploration; provides superior survey data and can study anomalies on-site. Can act as military scouts and weapons test platforms but are not frontline fighters. Half cargo space of other fleets.
Combat Fleet 4 / 1 Spaceship (military) Capital ships and supporting escort vessels designed for frontline combat. Can carry 1 ground unit or fighter wing; can also house 1 unit of refugees.
Cultural Fleet 4 / 1 Spaceship (civilian) Represents a cultural/diplomatic delegation, specifically designed to impress foreign observers. Can act as transport but loses prestige bonus.
Space Station 8 / 1 Structure (military) Provides zone of control. Can generate EP when located on trade routes or asteroid belts, and can house population units. Equivalent in strength to a Combat Fleet but less likely to be destroyed; can be upgraded with Defence Guns equivalent to cargo space (default 2). Can be relocated for variable cost.
Habitat 16 / 1 Structure (civilian) Functions as an off-world colony, providing increased EP; can be upgraded from existing space station for half price. Provides 4 cargo space for population or defences.
Natives N/A Ground (military) Armed forces of pre-Space Flight societies.
Wonder Variable Structure (variable) Player-dictated special projects, with variable size and scope.