In Imperium Offtopicum, the United Arab Republic is administered through several dozen territorial subdivisions, 99 in Imperium Offtopicum XIV and 64–74 in ATEN depending on who's counting, plus the capital city Jerusalem. In both games these are modelled on the highest-tier administrative divisions of the real-life constituent countries.




United Arab Republic in ATEN, with player-designated provinces roughly corresponding to modern subdivisions.

The UAR in ATEN was formed through the merger of Egypt and Syria, two independent player states, prior to the game's official launch. Their territories were based on modern-day borders with a few divergences: Egypt claimed the southern half of Palestine and Syria included everything from Lebanon to Iraq, as well as portions of southern Turkey and northern Jordan.


Comparison of original and revised player claims against the borders at the start of the game.

Due to disputes over Taniciusfox failing to recognize revised borders in the sign-up thread, the UAR's exact size and subdivisions were contested. Thorvald of Lym based component provinces on contemporary Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi governorates for a total of 74 territories of varying size and shape, whereas Tanicius used a scheme of 64 similarly-shaped blob territories distributed based on assumed population density.

Imperium Offtopicum XIVEdit


UAR in 2112 denoting Egyptian (yellow) and Syrian (green) jurisdictions. Borders of constituent countries are marked in dark grey.

In IOT XIV, the UAR developed progressively from an initial string of territories between Cairo and Damascus, and borders were only finalized after the 2112 time-skip. In addition to the states named in ATEN, in total it includes Jordan, Yemen, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, and the northern half of (pre-secession) Sudan.


In ATEN, all UAR territory was assumed the inherent sovereign right of either founding member, whereas in IOT XIV it was acknowledged acquired from previously sovereign states. The remainder of this article concerns the IOT XIV universe.

At the highest administrative level, the United Arab Republic is divided into Egyptian and Syrian jurisdictions representing approximately one half each of total geographic control. Beneath this, territories are grouped by originating country, although only Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Arab Sudan properly function under this scheme. Individual territories correspond to contemporary first-level subdivisions, excepting where these were too small to represent on the map and instead reflect informal regional groupings (eg. the Israeli-Palestinian divide).


As capital city of the UAR, Jerusalem constitutes its own territory and is the only one officially classified as a condominium. In the event that the Republic is dissolved, Jerusalem and the surrounding region (the "Capital District") defaults to neutral ground. The 7th Army is headquartered in Jerusalem, and in the event of a civil war is mandated with defending the city from any aggressive action, regardless of origin.

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