West African Confederation
Flag of the West African Confederation.svg
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum XIV
Played by Ailedhoo
WAC borders (beige), 2113.
WAC borders (beige), 2113.
Official language(s) French, Arabic, Senufo, Mandre, Bambara
Government Confederal democracy
 -  President Idowu Saro-Wiwa
Legislature Confederal Council
 -  Proclaimed Winter 2106 
 -  First election 15 February 2107 
Currency Confederal Franc

The West African Confederation (abbreviated WAC) was a country played by Ailedhoo in Imperium Offtopicum XIV, founded shortly after the surrender of the People's Militia in Greece.


The Confederation was first proposed in the Winter of 2106 as a union of autonomous regional governments. Established by the Act of Confederal Africa, the national government was initially overseen by a Transitional Overseer Committee chaired by one Ali Nzeogwu. The first party election was held on 15 February 2107, with Nzeogwu resigning his post the next day as the TOC made way for the new government. Idowu Saro-Wiwa of the Peoples Coalition for the Confederation was proclaimed President, although the party only won a plurality and had yet to negotiate a coalition government, while a referendum on direct presidential elections was scheduled for 1 March.

Domestic politicsEdit

The Confederation's government was highly decentralized, with each province maintaining a semi-autonomous administrative council, some of which were chosen through direct democracy. Provinces in turn were knit into national subunits, which in turn formed the Confederal Council and Great Senate.

The Confederal Council was the chief legislative organ, comprising representatives from each constituent province. Originally each province was entitled to 5 representatives; this was reduced to a single seat by 2112. Under the proportional representation model, political plurality was diverse to an almost ludicrous extent, with twenty-eight individual parties registered for the 2107 election,[1] although only eight achieved a Council seat.

The Great Senate comprised a fixed number of seats (60 in 2107, 100 in 2112) that were partitioned proportional to party presence in the Confederal Council, acting as a means of ideological representation: even parties that had not won a Council seat were granted at least one Senate seat (the only exception being the Party of True Justice, which received no representation in either house).


The WAC's economy was based primarily on raw materials exports, chiefly Malian gold and uranium reserves. Its most consequential impact on the game was mining tycoon Kadidia Bâ's bid to secure Thai investment by marrying Crown Prince Sayammak, which led to a conversation in IOT Chat that revealed the depraved Thai Royal Harem.