The West African Confederation is a power played by Ailedhoo in Imperium Offtopicum XIV.
Flag idea

Flag of the Confederation

Its capital is Bamak.


Each province is set with their own administrative council, which is voted by the province's peoples and often subjected to direct democracy consult. The provinces then set to the nations, set by cultural consideration. The nations then will set to the Confederal Council and the Great Senate.


Before the 15th of February 2107 the Confederation was runned by the Transitional Overseer Committee, its chairman being Ali Nzeogwu

The first elections of the Confederation occured on Tuesday, 15th February 2107. It saw the Peoples Coalision for the Confederation but not a majority, leading to the formation of a coalistion, with the Peoples Coalision for the Confederation's leader, Idowu Saro-Wiwa, chosen as President.

List of Political PartiesEdit

Peoples Coalision for the Confederation
Congress for Liberal Unionists
League of the Peoples Justice
Confederal Preservation Party
Allaince of Confederal African Nationalists
Aberhamic Democrat Allaince
Guilde for Revolutionary Democracy
Ecopolitical Allaince
Federal Allaince for West Africa
Confederal Islamic Fellowship
Confederal Christain Congress
Allaince of the Traditional African Way
Democratic Union of Patriotic Socialists
Party for One Africa
Allaince of United Lawful Peoples
Party for a Free Golden Future
Malian Nationalist Congress
Party of the Liberty and Justice of the Burkinabé
Confederal Order of the Senufo Peoples
Liberty's League for the Bambara
One Confederation: One Nation
Allaince for Effective Confederal Management
United African Anarchist Union
Order for a Strong and United Africa
United Worker's Party
League for Order, Peace and Prosperity
Pan-African Party of Hyenas
Party of True Justice

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