Xenomorphic Overseer of the Nullification of Entire Systems, or just XONES, is the IC "GM" of IOT X: The Space Race and The Universe Game. He is a nigh-omnipotent, omniscient being, and with his cosmic powers has destroyed many worlds, and turned the ones he's spared into planet-sized arenas. He creates the setting of the games he hosts, and serves as something of an antagonist.

The Space RaceEdit

In IOT X, he has conquered Earth. He has appointed numerous world leaders to command nations in "the Space Race." Any attempts to get beyond one's natural capabilities have disastrous consequences.

The Universe GameEdit

In TUG, XONES had managed to acquire a planet the size of a small star. He planted multiple nations on it, and claimed to have destroyed the home worlds of each nation that took root on the world. Promising to free the winner of his "Game," he did not specify how exactly a country could "win."


XONES is easily distinguished by his cold demeanor and dark sense of humor. Informing the players of their situation, he makes it seem as if their loved ones died peacefully before graphically describing how they actually boiled alive for the good part of an hour, comparing it to a roast in a crock pot. He shows absolutely zero compassion for the murders he has claimed to commit, which could possibly run into the trillions.

XONES is nonetheless eager to watch others compete against each other, using his godly powers to pluck species from around the universe and place them on barren worlds (whether they were created, found and terraformed, or simply cleansed of all life is not known), or conquer worlds for the same purpose. In this regard, XONES is actually quite distant; he prefers to stay in the background to get a "natural" experience than active intervention producing an artificial one.


XONES has not been seen, and when he is, it is merely a glowing violet sphere surrounded by shadows, somewhat like an eye. Since accounts of what he looks like change frequently, it is possible he is actually a persona taken on by multiple people, or some sort of shapeshifter.


  • The idea behind XONES' creation was "if GLaDOS had a planet-sized testing facility."
  • XONES' appearance as a violet energy sphere makes him somewhat reminiscent of a personality core from Portal.
  • XONES is an anagram of "Xenos," short for Xenomorphs, a generic term for "aliens."

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