Yuan Empire
Seen in ClassicIOT: Cold War
Played by Ailedhoo
Turn 0–Turn 4

New Chinese Imperial Flag.svg

Total extent of Yuan claims highlighted in red. Diagonals NE were sovereign territory from 1960–1 and occupied by Nanyang from 1962 on. Diagonals SE were contested with Peking since 1962.
Capital Shanghai
Government Monarchy
Emperor Yuan Ju-Long
Historical era ClassicIOT: Cold War
 -  Established ca. 1960
 -  Disestablished 1963
Today part of Peking
Nanyang Federation

The Yuan Empire was a Chinese faction in ClassicIOT: Cold War, played by Ailedhoo. It was conceived as an imperial revival following the collapse of the People's Republic of China, led by self-proclaimed "People's Emperor" Yan Ju-Long. Its political culture was a bizarre mix of dynasticism and populist socialism, yet it routinely denounced the legitimacy of the southern "federalists", claiming them barbarians in the service of foreign devils.

In 1960 the empire launched a military invasion of neighbouring Peking province, but covert aid by Nanyang forced a stalemate and prompted the region to declare de jure independence. The following year it entered talks with Nanyang to prevent further Southern assistance to the "terrorists". Nanyang betrayed the cease-fire in 1962, launching a full-scale assault into the Yuan homeland at the same time the empire's westward expansion extended the front against Peking. With Yuan's forces on the verge of defeat, Peking demanded the empire's official surrender. The Emperor rejected the ultimatum; Yuan's elimination in the 1963 statistics inferred the country's defeat.

Foreign relationsEdit

Yuan applied for membership in the Communist International in 1960 but was later ejected, prompting it to secretly join the monarchist Völkerbund. Despite its supposed socialist leanings, Yuan routinely sided with monarchist governments on the international stage, although its only notable dealing beyond Asia was a trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

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